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IMA Spain AX (Assistants Xperience) refers to the mentoring program put in place in January 2024. 

This Mentoring program is run internally, using the exisisting talent and own resources, led by our IMA Spain member Elena Miralles. 

Elena works in the Pharm Industry and has a vast and solid experience not only as an Executive Assistant, but also as an Office Manager, Project Coordinator and participates in the onboarding of new staff. 

Elena's contact details can be found in our CONTACT page (above). 

Read HERE the article about how this project began


The program's objective is to support our members to acquire new soft skills and reinforce the ones they already have. 

The program offers 3 different approaches, so our members can choose if they want to adhere to one mentoring stream or other. 

Stream 1: Self Assesment

This is a 4 month program meant to evaluate where the mentee stands with regards to his/her/their package of soft kill using a professional tool, then define a route for the mentee to improve any skill and at the end of the 4 months, a new self-assesment will be done to evaluate the progress.

Stream 2: "I'm your buddy!"

This stream aims at naming a "buddy" within the organization to accompany the mentee during a longer time to help and support either a professional change, seeking for a promotion within their company, looking for a new position, or even to support the early stages of an Assistant within the professional path. 

Stream 3: Collective mentoring

The IMA Spain AX team will conduct workshops during our in-person conventions + 1 more online. These workshops will be focusing on soft skills and will be linked to the topics discussed during the conventions and one more topic chosen with criteria to ensure sound and beneficial session for all the participants. 


Would you like to be part of this program?

Do you have experience as a Mentor or "buddy"?

Would you like to benefit from this program included within your membership fee?

Do not hesitate: JOIN US! to start benefiting from being part of IMA Spain AX

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