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Cooperation with other associations

As an international network we recognize the power of networking - and we make an effort to connect with other networks, too. This benefits all parties and expands our reach.

We can join each others' meetings, conferences and webinars at beneficial terms.


This partnership with Canadian AAP is an opportunity for both organizations to collaborate on common strategic goals, share resources, benchmark, and increase networking and training opportunities for our members.

This partnership is a way of strengthening the connection between our two organizations and increase the efforts in promoting and advocating for the role of the Management Support Professionals. The Partnership will operate in support of the World Administrative Alliance and its World Administrators’ Summit. We will provide partner pricing for mutually agreed upon events/trainings for respective association, and examine potential opportunities to create exclusive partnership offers.

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WA Alliance

IMA International is proud to be a business partner to the WA-Alliance.

Several IMA countries are also business partners.

The WA-Alliance is a non-profit trade association, representing Administrative Associations, Networks, Professionals and Industry Partners across the globe.

The aims of the WA-Alliance are to guide, influence, develop and elevate the administrative profession. With the support of Administrative Associations and Networks around the world, the WA-Alliance will build a global community to enable Administrative Professionals the world over to speak with one voice.

"IMA - International Management Assistants highly recommends and endorses the implementation of the Global Skills Matrix. The Matrix enables the administrative professional to create and progress along a clearly defined professional path, with key performance indicators to further enhance and support the process.

In addition, the Matrix provides all professional stakeholders with the necessary insight and tools for the full utilization of the skills and capabilities of administrative professionals across the globe, from an entry to C-suite level.

IMA has planned several webinars on both Global as well as country level and will continue to support and raise the awareness of this valuable initiative going forward."

The Global Skills Matrix

A globally recognised framework for administrators and HR teams that, irrespective of country, makes it possible to identify levels of work for a given role and career progression opportunities to realise the potential to an organisation of an effective administrator.

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