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Being a member of IMA, means being part of an extended family. We support each other, we assist each other and we learn together and from each other. 

On this page you can see testimonials from our members - because it's all well and good that we think IMA is awesome, but you need to hear it from the members. 

Mariam Haye, IMA Denmark, October 2023

I have recently joined the Danish IMA board and by joining the conference it was eye-opening to witness how truly International the International Management Assistants is. The South African team had really lined up and provided a unique vantage point.

The real brilliance of the conference lay in the connections forged. Meeting fellow professionals from Zimbabwe to Italy -  from South Africa of course, and beyond- I expanded my network and, more importantly, enriched my understanding of the diverse contexts in which we operate.

The social aspects of the conference were equally instrumental in fostering meaningful connections. It wasn't just about exchanging business cards; it was about forming lasting relationships and gaining fresh perspectives that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors.

Oya Karabulut, IMA Germany, November 2023

What touched me the most was the immense solidarity and goodwill among all the participants. You rarely experience something like that in life. At least I do, working in the shark tank that is Frankfurt, where there is always a society of elbows.

My first contact with IMA was overwhelming for me, a huge thunderclap into a completely new perspective on my job. I am no longer just the little assistant who follows her boss's instructions. I am a key person, an ambassador between two worlds (I do build bridges!), my job is important and significant. Today, I go to work in a completely different way than before I met IMA. I am eternally grateful for that.

Oya wrote an article for IMA Insights about her experience - you can read it here.

Below you can watch 6 testimonials collected from attendees at our 49th International Annual Conference held in October 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa. 

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