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As from May 2020, International Management Assistants Belgium (IMA Belgium) is registered as an asbl/vzw under Belgian law.

The statutes are available upon request. Please send a request to our Governance Officer, Marina Ruiter.

BE 0748.462.490

Who we are

IMA Belgium wants to be the most outstanding networking association for administrative professionals, management and executive assistants, as well as freelance and virtual assistants. 

We organise a monthly network event with a key note speaker. On top of that we are also very proud to offer you a National Training Day, a Summer Drink (August) and a Christmas event once a year.

We want to thank all our members for being an ambassador of our profession and of IMA Belgium.


IMA offers a global and high quality network of management support professionals.  It focuses on the personal and professional development and growth of our members but also helps future students to discover the career.

Since 2015, IMA decided to develop a partnership with schools that are training students to embrace the assistant occupation.  IMA’s approach was based on opening our doors;  showing the world of professionals to potential future assistants; and explaining our aim to thrive.

In 2017 for our International Spring Council and Training Day in Antwerp, IMA & KDG cooperated in the full organization of the event and in exchange, all students were offered the possibility to assist the meetings and mingle with an international crowd of assistants. 

From inviting students to participate to our regular events, to proposing mentoring & coaching opportunities, IMA also offers a large range of specific presentations or Q&A sessions with the schools. 

Regularly, IMA members are invited for jury duty, but IMA also shares news about potential internships or job openings.  IMA offers also valuable resources (blog, books, websites).

Upcoming events

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