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Interested in becoming a member of this unique  global  professional network? You will have access to:
  • an international professional and personal network
  • lifelong learning and self-development with custom-made training programmes, conferences and workshops
  • experience exchange with your peers from outside your own industry
  • the latest trends and development of our profession
  • the culture and business life in all the member countries

Events in Finland

IMA Finland ry offers various kind of professional events:

  • Webinars
  • Company visits
  • Education & trainings
  • After works
  • Hattujuhla in August
  • Christmas Dinner in December

IMA Global events

  • Traning Day (Spring)
  • Conference and AGM (Autumn). The program for both events offers a current content for our profession.
  • Webinars

For more information of the events visit our Events page!

Membership qualifications

  • Minimum of three year's management support experience  
  • Two IMA members who recommend you

Yearly membership fees

  • Business member 250 euros / year
  • Professional Member 95 euros / year
  • Associate Member 45 euros / year

Interested to learn more?

Please, contact membershipofficer@fi.ima-network.org and ask for more information from our membership committee.

To join IMA Finland, please fill out the form by pressing hexagon below:

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