IMA aims to bring awareness, inspire and motivate all of our members and partners and to act as a role model in contributing to a sustainable world.

The United Nations has identified 17 suistainable development goals. 

IMA strives to align the activities of our association with these goals whenever possible.

We understand that this requires a behavioral change, and that some areas will be easy to address and change, where as others will take time and creativity to achieve.

IMA, as a members' organization, has most notably to take responsibility for our Associations impact on the climate. The planet is our home and we all share the responsibility to preserve it for the next generations.

Since we are an organization that arranges many events for our members, both globally, nationally and regionally, we will proactively work on minimizing any negative climate impact by adhering to an environmental mindset in all our processes.

IMA has chosen 4 areas as the most important ones to address, in order to minimize our negative environmental footprint in international as well as national events:

  • To reduce our carbon emissions

  • To reduce our paper consumption

  • To offer food that is ecological and locally produced

  • To reduce our plastic waste

Our guiding principles