The Sonia Vanular Fund 

- our helping hand to young professionals

Sonia Vanular

Application form to include:

  • Name and e-mail address as well as country
  • Amount applied
  • Reason for applying and how to use the funds if approved


The Sonia Vanular Fund was set up in 2020, the year our founder Sonia Vanular passed away, in order to honour her and her vision when creating an association for and of Management Support Professionals in 1974.

The purpose of this fund is to enable students and young professionals – members of IMA – to participate in any IMA related training or other initiative. The SV Fund is 1000 Euro per year and can be distributed among one or several recipients. An applicant can only receive a grant under the SV Fund once. Though one can apply for any initiative, the applications will be reviewed and allocated twice per year, in time for the early bird registration to the Training Day and Annual Conference respectively.

How to apply

The National Committee reviews all country-specific applications and sends them to the Executive Governance Officer. Any individual members, in a country which does not have a National Group, can submit their application directly to the Governance Officer.

The Executive Committee makes the final decision of the allocation of the funds.