Your global professional network since 1974

IMA offers a global and high quality network of management support professionals - we focus on the personal and professional development and growth of our members and the continued development of the management support profession. Our members have access to a professional network which encompasses a vast range of business cultures, languages and lifestyles. We also provide a place where everyone is on common ground in a safe and proactive environment.

We are currently represented in more than 30 countries - English is the official language of our Association. We have no political aims and no trade-union activities.

Our Association was founded in 1974 as European Association for Professional Secretaries (EAPS) by Sonia Vanular. In 1999 the members decided to rename the Association to European Management Assistants (EUMA) and in 2016 to change to IMA - International Management Assistants, considering the huge changes of our profession and the business world and to get prepared for the future.

How we work

We are a non-profit organization registered in Paris, France. The business of the Association is run with the following governing bodies - by our members.

The General Meeting Our members control the business of the Association annually in the General Meeting.

The Council The Council is the consulting and policy making body of our Association and consists of the Executive Committee and the National Representatives of the member countries.

The Executive Committee The Executive Committee is the executive body of the Association and is responsible for the efficient running of the Association. It consists of the Executive Chairman, the Executive Vice Chairman, the Executive Treasurer, the Executive PR Officer and the Association Secretary.

Contact details

IMA is registered at Maison de l’Europe – Avenue de Villiers 29 – 750017 Paris

Please contact us by e-mail