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The Sonia Vanular Fund

The Sonia Vanular Fund was set up in 2020, the year Sonia passed away, in order to honour her and her vision.

The purpose of the Sonia Vanular fund (“The SV Fund”) is to enable students and young professionals – members of IMA – to participate in any IMA related training, event or initiative.

Our definition of a Young Professional is not absolute, it refers to someone new in the profession though not necessarily young in age, in addition to students of the profession. There is no age bracket - colleagues in the first years of this profession, many of which are in an entry-level position, are our target group.

The SV Fund amounts to 1000 Euro per year and can be distributed among one or several applicants.

An applicant can only receive a grant under the SV Fund once.

Application to the SV Fund goes through the national committees - individual members please contact Executivefinance@ima-network.org.

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