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Meet our National Committee

"Chair IMA Luxembourg"

 Name: Domoina PELLO

 Elected: AGM 2023 - 1st term

 Contact: chair@lu.ima-network.org

"Finance Officer IMA Luxembourg"

Name: Annick DRUART

Elected: AGM 2018 - 3rd and last term will you be our next Finance Officer?

Contact: financeofficer@lu.ima-network.org

"Governance Officer IMA Luxembourg" 

Name:  Jane BARTON

Elected: AGM 2023 - 1st term

Contact: governanceofficer@lu.ima-network.org


National Chair

To ensure the efficient functioning of the Association in their own countries by leading a National Committee.

The National Chairs shall be the point of contact between the Council and the national members.

They are responsible for ensuring that members of their own group receive notices, agendas and minutes of General

Meetings, and for keeping their members informed of decisions taken at Council Meetings.

In addition, they shall be responsible for the recruitment of members in their own countries in accordance with the Statutes and local by-laws if applicable; and for liaison and good relations with other business organization in their own countries.

Article 10.3 a. of the IMA Statutes

The National Chair is responsible for:

  • Circulating information on the National Group to the Council and the Executive Committee according to

the requests announced twice per year in the National Business Update (NBU) before each Council


  • The recruitment of members in their own countries in accordance with the IMA Statutes

The National Chair is the Chair of the country’s National Committee and the official representative (together

with the National Finance Officer and the National MarCom Officer) of his/her country at Council meetings

held twice a year. Other eventual members of the National Committee, e.g. a Deputy National Chair, are

not Council members but can be nominated to represent a National Committee Member or attend the

Council as observers.

It is the responsibility of the National Chair to pursue the Vision and Mission of IMA on national level and

lead the national group in line with the Statutes of IMA.

In order to achieve consistency in the running of the Association internationally, the National Chair will:

  • Ensure representation of his/her country at Council meetings and active participation
  • Cooperate with the Council/Executive Committee and creatively contribute as regards IMA strategy,

development, vision etc.

  • Ensure that any items his/her country wishes to be put in the Council Agenda reaches the Executive

Governance Officer 45 days prior to the Council meeting

  • Call National Committee meetings on a regular basis and prepare the agendas to include finance, PR

matters, membership, strategy and other matters.

  • Brief new National Committee members on current matters
  • At national meetings, ensure that opinions of all Committee Members are heard and a consensus is

reached (every National Committee should work as a team)

  • Submit membership applications to National Committee for consideration and acceptance (according

to the IMA Statutes)

  • Promote recruitment of new Members and ensure that membership records (to be kept by the National

Finance Officer) are always up-to-date

  • Ascertain that the international IMA guidelines are followed nationally by all concerned and deadlines


Approve the national accounts to be contributed to theExecutive Finance Officer by the National Finance


  • Set up internal guidelines in accordance with international IMA guidelines if needed
  • Set up project groups as appropriate
  • Coordinate regional groups (if any)
  • Call and conduct the National Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Note: the AGM has to take place before 30 June of each year

  • Prepare the agenda for the national AGM to include, in line with the Global / National statutes:

- Approval of the Minutes of the preceding National AGM

- The National Committee’s report

- Approval of the national statement of accounts for the preceding year

- Approval of the budget for the following year

- Appointment of auditors

- Approval of annual membership fees

- Endorsement of National Committee’s actions to date

- Election of National Representatives to the Council (National Chair, National Finance Officer

and National MarCom Officer) and other Committee members

- Subjects proposed by members

  • Inform the Executive Committee of newly elected Council Members: National Chair, National Finance

Officer, National MarCom Officer

  • Send AGM minutes to the Executive Governance Officer - in English! - as soon as possible, at the latest

on 1 September.

  • Ensure that announcements for the members are prepared and circulated regularly
  • Organize events, seminars etc. to support and develop the members personally and professionally
  • Encourage the promotion of IMA (in co-operation with the National MarCom Officer) via media,

exhibitions, conferences and seminars as appropriate

  • Establish and maintain relations and exchange of cooperation with Business Members in accordance

with the aims of the Association

  • In turn with other member countries host IMA AGM and international conferences of a business and

cultural nature in accordance with conference guidelines

  • Keep national minutes of meetings in the national Archives.
  • Keep archives according to the local (national) legal requirements
  • Assist members of other member countries who wish to relocate and work in her/his country
  • Represent the Association when invited by other national associations to participate in meetings or other


  • Represent the Association at seminars and other events when invited. Please note if the seminar or

events is on an international level to anchor this with the Executive Committee.

  • Brief successor and pass files on to her/him

Note: it is up to each National Chair to delegate some of the above functions to other National Committee

Members in accordance with the group’s internal requirements

National Finance Officer

To be responsible for the national register of members and to keep the accounts of the National Group and to have them audited annually by auditors appointed by the National General Meeting;

to prepare the budget for the National Group and to present it together with the accounts to the National Committee and the National General Meeting;

to approve all contracts on national level after consultation with and approval of the other National Committee members;

to participate in the preparation of the budget for the Association as a whole in conjunction with the Executive Finance


and to present such financial information as is necessary for the Executive Finance Officer as and when requested.

Article 10.3.b of the IMA Statutes

The National Register of members

The National Finance Officers are responsible for ensuring:

  • that a continually updated record of members is maintained centralised in the IMA members database

on the IMA website (GDPR compliant); it must be split into Professional Members, Business Members

and Associate Members.

  • that new members are sent their credentials for login to the members' webpage and informed of their

own responsibility of keeping their record up to date

  • that twice a year the membership figures are added up

Keeping the National Accounts of IMA

The National Finance Officers are responsible:

  • that necessary bank accounts are maintained.
  • that year end accounts, i.e. Profit and Loss account and Balance sheet, are audited before presentation

to the national AGM.

  • that closed and, if possible, audited year-end accounts are forwarded to the Executive Finance Officer

as per the time lines mentioned above.

Preparing the budget for the national group

The National Finance Officers are responsible:

  • that a total national budget is prepared and presented to the National Committee before being accepted

by the national AGM.

  • that separate budgets for national arrangements (e.g. seminars) are made, and accepted by the

National Committee.

  • that once a year the national budget for the following year is forwarded to the Executive Finance Officer
  • that the necessary cost of twice-yearly participation in Council Meetings for the three Council Members

is included in the total budget.

  • that possible application for contribution from IMA Central Travel fund for the two Council meetings the

following year is sent to the Executive Finance Officer, but only in case that any other financial possibility

is exhausted.

The National Finance Officers are responsible:

  • that information on membership figures is forwarded to the Executive Finance Officer.
  • that the total national budget is forwarded to the Executive Finance Officer.
  • that closed and audited accounts are forwarded to the Executive Finance Officer.
  • that the national group is represented, either in person or by representative, at the Council twice a year.
  • that financial preparation for and follow-up on Council Meetings is made together with the National


  • that relevant input to and feed-back from Council Meetings is passed on to relevant parties i.e. National

Committee and membership.

National Marketing & Communication Officer

To make and maintain contact with the media and other bodies as appropriate;

to organize and approve the updating of the national portions of the Association's website and social media channels;

to coordinate with the Executive MarCom Officer the timely supply of any promotional material needed within their own


and to promote the image of the Association, encouraging good communications within their own group and between other National Groups and the Executive MarCom Officer.

Article 10.3.c of the IMA Statutes

The National MarCom Officers:

  • To create as much visibility as possible for IMA on national level in close cooperation with the other NC


  • To follow-up the corporate IMA identity (see the guidelines on the website)
  • To identify potential partners, sponsors, ….
  • To exchange information on potential partners within the National Committee
  • To give and receive feedback on contacted companies in their own country, including outcome.
  • To share promotional material with the Executive MarCom Officer
  • To actively participate in the Council meetings.
  • To liaise with the Executive MarCom Officer to include the Executive Committee's point of view.
  • To brief successor and pass on files

PR Duties

  • Implement the Association’s communication strategy in line with the current IMA strategy and ensure

that the objectives linked with specific parts of the strategy are achieved within the National Group.

  • Establish and maintain links with any media channel, organisations and companies who could offer

publicity and advancement of IMA – International Management Assistants’ aims.

  • Implement the strategy for obtaining sponsorship for the activities and the website, both on national


  • Together with the National Finance Officer, establish the PR budget.
  • Ensure that an appropriate stock of promotional material is available


  • Develop a constructive relationship with fellow National Committee Members and national membership

as a whole, for the success and continuous advancement of IMA.

  • Establish and maintain close links with the Executive MarCom Officer, as well as the other National

MarCom Officers

  • In cooperation with fellow National Committee members, organise events, seminars, visits etc., of

general interest to IMA members.


  • Actively participate in local events, including seminars, visits, members’ meetings, National Committee

meetings and the National AGM.

  • Actively participate to the Council meeting.
  • Actively participate in the AGM.

IMA Media

  • Provide the Website coordinator with contributions as well as sponsorship.
  • Ensure that appropriate means of communication are developed and used on a regular basis in close

cooperation with the fellow National Committee members.

  • Feed the social media channels on national level.
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