The WA-Summit is a global working meeting of administrative professionals held every 2 years.

The purpose of the meeting is to guide, influence and positively develop the profession and to discuss topics which are of importance to all administrative professionals around the world.

The WA-Alliance Interim Council has decided to hold a virtual summit in May 2021.

More information on the WA-Alliance and WA-Summit on:

World Administrators Summit - Wellington New Zealand

The 11th WA-Summit in Wellington New Zealand has been rescheduled for May 2021.

Some meetings will be held in virtual format, details forthcoming.

This is your event and your chance to participate in shaping your profession throughout the world and for the future. We appreciate your input on discussion topics and your views through surveys and online engagement enabling that discussion to take place meaningfully.

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World Administrators Summit - 2018 - Frankfurt, Germany

What is the WASummit

The 10th World Administrators Summit (WASummit) was hosted by IMA in 2018. The summit gathers representatives from professional organizations around the globe to discuss and further develop our profession. Eth Lloyd, Chairman of the World Administrators Summit Advisory Council explains the WASummit in the following articles in Executive Secretary Magazine and proActive:

World Administrators Summit 2018
9th World Administrators Summit
Update on the World Administrators Summit
Update October 2017
World Administrators Summit 2018: one profession, one voice

For more information please consult the WASummit webpage.
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Read more about the facilitators Karen Nanninga, Helen Monument and Lucy Brazier here.

Want to be part of the WASummit

Now it is time to submit your delegate application. Deadline is 20 February 2018. The form is available on the website. Please note that only as accepted Delegate you will be invited to register for the summit and be part of it.

The WASummit is your opportunity as a delegate representing administrative professionals around the world to give them a voice in the discussions of topics relevant to the profession within a global environment.

What is the WASummit all about?

Please read more about the past of the WASummit and the upcoming meeting in Frankfurt on 24 to 25 October 2018 and the topics to be discussed there.

Why to be a delegate at the WASummit

  • Diana Brandl, IMA Germany

    I am beyond excited and proud to see the event in my home country and above all in my hometown Frankfurt.

    As a bold and vocal ambassador and influencer of our profession, it was clear to me that I wanted to take the opportunity to participate in the World Administrators’ Summit as a delegate for Germany. I have always been an activist when it comes to our industry – how else can you make change happen?

    Appreciatively, I received full support of the IMA Germany Board, which motivated me even more to represent Germany along with my fellow IMA friend Angela Parker.

    The World Administrators’ Summit will be an event full of learning, sharing and caring. And that is what our profession stands for. Let’s shape our future now!

  • Julia Schmidt, IMA Norway

    Attending the World Administrators’ Summit 2018 means sitting at the same table with top authorities within our profession. It means being part of a network of leaders.

    It will give me the unique opportunity to participate in international discussions on the key issues and questions that affect administrative professionals. It will allow me to exchange ideas and opinions, and represent administrative professionals from Norway and specifically my members from IMA Norway.

    I want to make their voices heard because the future of our profession is about collaboration and partnership. As a leader, I am committed to empowering people around me.

    Let’s create a better future together!

  • Eleni Rizikianou, IMA Greece

    When a World Administrators' Summit is conducted, it's crucial for every administrator to be a part of this meeting. As an active professional I find the participation in the WASummit as a challenge for my development. It is a unique opportunity to meet fellow assistants from all over the world, to understand and embrace different approaches, to participate in the formation of the future and the transformation of the administrative assistant's profession. Participating in the WASummit is a personal investment on the way to become a better person and a better professional outside my comfort zone.
    Greece has its own place in the world and the administrative assistant professional has an evolving tradition which is reflected in the diversity of its members. I am more than proud to be one of the representatives of this country who struggles to find its new identity during this after-crisis period.

  • Angela Parker, IMA Germany

    I am honored to represent Germany at the 2018 World Administrators Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. Having the opportunity to actively participate in an event that will shape the future of my chosen profession is something I am really looking forward to. I encourage my peers from around the world to speak up by answering the questionnaires that will be sent out prior to the event and by applying to be a delegate and a part of history in the making. Come to Frankfurt and let us learn from one another and work together for a better tomorrow.

  • Sofie Koark, IMA Sweden

    I’m honored to represent Sweden’s administrative professionals, and IMA Sweden’s members, at World Administrators’ Summit in Frankfurt in October 2018.

    I’m looking forward to this global meeting, and to contribute to shaping our profession for the future.

    In a world that is increasingly becoming more global and digital, we need to take the lead ourselves, and constantly make sure that our role is valuable and current.

    Ensuring that we have the best strategy, the right mindset and the relevant skills have never been more important.

    I am excited to meet colleagues representing more than 24 countries, and to create an ambitious action plan going forward.