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Using Skills to Transform Towards a New Way of Working

The pandemic has taken over our world for more than a year now. It affected our way of living, our way of working which we always considered as ‘normal’. During the past months, there has been an evolution of the new normal. But what is this? The new normal.

On our conference 29 October, we will dig into it but in this online event we are very happy to provide you with an interesting lecture on the new ways of working and how the role of the assistant will evolve in the near future.

Above that, we are extremely proud to provide you with the scoop of a life changing-document: The Skills Matrix, which was developed by the World Administrators Alliance. Lucy Brazier and Helen Monument will talk you through it in what will be a very interactive session. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be first to hear how our new normal will look like!


9h30 Introduction by Sofie Koark, Executive Vice Chairman IMA

9h40 Using skills to transform towards a new way of working by Kris Legroe, Head of Employee Services Department Telenet

11h15 Break

11h30 The Skills Matrix - A document that will change your world By Lucy Brazier and Helen Monument

12h30 Closing by Sofie Koark, Executive Vice Chairman IMA

  • Kris Legroe

    Using skills to transform towards a new way of working

    We are again in an era of transformation where agile ways of working, hybrid ways of working and not in the least technology evolutions are changing many different functions in all sectors.

    In this session, we are going to try and give an insight on how the Management assistant role has evolved in the past few years and will try to predict how it will evolve in the near future. We will do this based on the skills engine from Techwolf, an artificial intelligence based workforce planning company.

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  • Lucy Brazier and Helen Monument

    The Skills Matrix - A document that will change your world

    The World Administrators Alliance is a governing body for our profession, globally. Its bi-annual World Administrators Summit is a working meeting that brings together the best and brightest minds in the Administrative Profession today. The delegates from each country discuss topics of importance to all administrative professionals and develop credible outcomes that are shared around the world.

    In 2015, the need to provide a clear career progression model for the world’s assistants emerged as key to professionalising the administrative professional's role. After six years of research, the resulting Skills Matrix was finally be published in May.

    In this session, Lucy Brazier talks with World Administrators Alliance Chair, Helen Monument about the impact that this will have on the profession and administrative professionals across the world. They will give you a first look at the finished document and talk about how you can use it with your businesses.

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