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Constant Training and Development is crucial for every professional career. It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in a vast changing everyday business life. We offer an International Training & Development Program conceived to provide our members with all the modern knowledge they need to succeed in their business environment. A conference organized every autumn and a training day organized every spring, tailor-made to the needs and the development of our members, can guarantee their evolution. Several factors playing a role in the success of a company are beyond the scope of financial statements alone. No matter the size, industry or profitability of a business, organizational culture, management philosophy and business ethics each have a crucial impact on long-term business performance. After the theme ‘Change’ in 2015 and ‘Self Development’ in 2016, we will work around ‘Business Ethics’ in 2017. Our role as assistants to the management is crucial, as we execute their decisions. But do we always agree? Do we have a choice? Acting in an ethical way is about being able to distinguish “right” from “wrong”. It is about integrity and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

IMA has since the start in 1974 offered high quality international training and development for the management support professionals. On the occasion of IMA’s 45th anniversary we have listed all our international events and topics between 1974-2019 here.

  • International Conference

    The Annual Conference is the most important event of the year. By attending you not only gain knowledge, but also an open mind to the latest changes in the modern business environment. A few of the benefits are the ability to sharpen your skills, to meet experts and influencers from all over the world, network and interact, get out of your comfort zone and learn. The conference takes place in one of our member countries. These are the topics of past conferences.

  • International Training

    Training never ends. We provide tailor-made training at an affordable price. Currently, held once a year. The sessions are individually developed for us by professional trainers. The Training Day takes place in one of our member countries. These are the topics of past training days.

  • National Training

    Training and development is a key element in our association not only on international, but also on national level. Therefore, a substantial number of training activities is organized frequently in every member country, giving its members motivation and access to all the new know-how in order for them to thrive in the business field.

IMA 2019

The Future is Now

The Future is Now

Management support professionals need to have a good knowledge about their company and the business they work for in order to be able to provide the best support to their executives.

During the past years, we improved our skills with themes like Change Management, Self-Development, Business Ethics and The Digital Age. Which leads up to the knowledge that our future is finally here. Even better: The Future is Now.

This means that the time has come to enhance our soft skills: emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, adaptability, innovativeness, resilience, creativity and finally and perhaps most important: our personality.

Because in the end, a job is a job. However, you is you. We management support professionals will always do our job from our heart, in a human way.

Over the past years, we often heard that digitalization was going to take over our jobs. Some of us embraced it, some of us panicked.
However, there was no need for panic. On the contrary, management support professionals are still essential in the work place and will always be needed. Not in the same way we were needed back in the eighties or nineties, but now, today, with new skills like project management and digital marketing.

We have to continue to adapt and we have to keep on learning. We also have to focus on soft skills. Because they are the ones that will differentiate us from robots. Only then a new world of opportunities will be there for us to grasp.

In 2019, with our International Training Day and Annual Conference, IMA will help you to do so. Don’t miss it!

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Next IMA Events

  • IMA Training Day 2020


    April 25, 2020

    Oslo, Norway

    Venue: Clarion Hotel The Hub

  • IMA Annual Conference 2020


    October 2, 2020

    Helsinki, Finland

    Venue of the conference: Paasitorni Congress Center

    Hotel of the conference : Scandic Paasi Hotel

  • IMA Training Day 2021


    March 27, 2021


    Venue of the conference: To be confirmed

  • IMA Annual Conference 2021


    October 29, 2021

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Venue of the conference: To be confirmed