Training & Development

Constant Training and Development is crucial for every professional career. It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in a vast changing everyday business life. We offer an International Training & Development Program conceived to provide our members with all the modern knowledge they need to succeed in their business environment. A conference organized every autumn and a training day organized every spring, tailor-made to the needs and the development of our members, can guarantee their evolution. Several factors playing a role in the success of a company are beyond the scope of financial statements alone. No matter the size, industry or profitability of a business, organizational culture, management philosophy and business ethics each have a crucial impact on long-term business performance. After the theme ‘Change’ in 2015 and ‘Self Development’ in 2016, we will work around ‘Business Ethics’ in 2017. Our role as assistants to the management is crucial, as we execute their decisions. But do we always agree? Do we have a choice? Acting in an ethical way is about being able to distinguish “right” from “wrong”. It is about integrity and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

  • International Conference

    The Annual Conference is the most important event of the year. By attending you not only gain knowledge, but also an open mind to the latest changes in the modern business environment. A few of the benefits are the ability to sharpen your skills, to meet experts and influencers from all over the world, network and interact, get out of your comfort zone and learn. The conference takes place in one of our member countries. These are the topics of past conferences.

  • International Training

    Training never ends. We provide tailor-made training at an affordable price. Currently, held once a year. The sessions are individually developed for us by professional trainers. The Training Day takes place in one of our member countries. These are the topics of past training days.

  • National Training

    Training and development is a key element in our association not only on international, but also on national level. Therefore, a substantial number of training activities is organized frequently in every member country, giving its members motivation and access to all the new know-how in order for them to thrive in the business field.

IMA 2018 - Year Topic

THE hot topic for the industry and us – management support professionals – is digitization, and Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, disruptive changes in ways of working or in business models and many more are the prevailing topics across all industries worldwide. The digital age is already changing our private and business life, but this is only a start. Hence, in 2018, we focus on how digitization will affect our business environment and our profession in the years to come. The changes brought on by digitization are coming fast and are much more sustainable than the internet itself. All industries face exponential technology advances. To be a winner you have to act now to build your strategic advantage – as a person and as an organization.

The companies we work for are building up their digital strategy to cope with the necessary transformation. Digitization will affect their businesses with regards to customer experience, product and service innovation, the organisation itself and last but not least people, culture and leadership. We will see major changes in the near future.

How does digitization affect us, management support professionals?

For our personal branding, it will become more and more important to strengthen our online personal brand and further improve and develop it. We have to act strategically to transform the management support professionals into the future business environment. Hence, it is time to think and learn about what is coming in the near future and how this will affect our jobs as management support professionals.

We will therefore focus on:

  • the human factor: being successful in transformation/times of change requires the right mindset
  • the technology factor: new technologies have already and will change the way we work in a disruptive manner
  • the leadership factor: digitization sets new challenges to business/corporate executives and asks for a new type of leaders

Let’s start getting prepared for an exciting future!

The Digital Age

The Digital Age

Next IMA Events

  • IMA Training Day 2018

    The Digital Age: Your Online Brand Matters - Be Strategic

    Date: April 28, 2018

    Barcelona, Spain

    Venue: Hotel Santos Porta Fira

    For more information click here.

  • IMA Annual Conference 2018

    The Digital Age:
    The Future of the Executive Assistant -
    Technology, Leadership, You

    Date: October 26, 2018

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Venue: Steigenberger Frankfurt Airport Hotel

  • IMA Training Day 2019

    The Future is now

    This event will be held in Greece.

    More details about il will follow.

    Stay tuned.

  • IMA Annual Conference 2019

    The Future is now

    Date: October 4, 2019

    Geneva, Switzerland

World Administrators Summit October 24-25, 2018 Venue: Steigenberger Frankfurt Airport Hotel

What is the WASummit

The 10th World Administrators Summit (WASummit) will be hosted by IMA in 2018. The summit gathers representatives from professional organizations around the globe to discuss and further develop our profession. Eth Lloyd, Chairman of the World Administrators Summit Advisory Council explains the WASummit in the following articles in Executive Secretary Magazine and proActive:

World Administrators Summit 2018
9th World Administrators Summit
Update on the World Administrators Summit
Update October 2017

For more information please consult the WASummit webpage.
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Want to be part of the WASummit

Now it is time to submit your delegate application. Deadline is 20 February 2018. The form is available on the website. Please note that only as accepted Delegate you will be invited to register for the summit and be part of it.

The WASummit is your opportunity as a delegate representing administrative professionals around the world to give them a voice in the discussions of topics relevant to the profession within a global environment.

What is the WASummit all about?

Please read more about the past of the WASummit and the upcoming meeting in Frankfurt on 24 to 25 October 2018 and the topics to be discussed there.

Why to be a delegate at the WASummit

  • Diana Brandl, IMA Germany

    I am beyond excited and proud to see the event in my home country and above all in my hometown Frankfurt.

    As a bold and vocal ambassador and influencer of our profession, it was clear to me that I wanted to take the opportunity to participate in the World Administrators’ Summit as a delegate for Germany. I have always been an activist when it comes to our industry – how else can you make change happen?

    Appreciatively, I received full support of the IMA Germany Board, which motivated me even more to represent Germany along with my fellow IMA friend Angela Parker.

    The World Administrators’ Summit will be an event full of learning, sharing and caring. And that is what our profession stands for. Let’s shape our future now!

  • Julia Schmidt, IMA Norway

    Attending the World Administrators’ Summit 2018 means sitting at the same table with top authorities within our profession. It means being part of a network of leaders.

    It will give me the unique opportunity to participate in international discussions on the key issues and questions that affect administrative professionals. It will allow me to exchange ideas and opinions, and represent administrative professionals from Norway and specifically my members from IMA Norway.

    I want to make their voices heard because the future of our profession is about collaboration and partnership. As a leader, I am committed to empowering people around me.

    Let’s create a better future together!

  • Eleni Rizikianou, IMA Greece

    When a World Administrators' Summit is conducted, it's crucial for every administrator to be a part of this meeting. As an active professional I find the participation in the WASummit as a challenge for my development. It is a unique opportunity to meet fellow assistants from all over the world, to understand and embrace different approaches, to participate in the formation of the future and the transformation of the administrative assistant's profession. Participating in the WASummit is a personal investment on the way to become a better person and a better professional outside my comfort zone.
    Greece has its own place in the world and the administrative assistant professional has an evolving tradition which is reflected in the diversity of its members. I am more than proud to be one of the representatives of this country who struggles to find its new identity during this after-crisis period.

  • Angela Parker, IMA Germany

    I am honored to represent Germany at the 2018 World Administrators Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. Having the opportunity to actively participate in an event that will shape the future of my chosen profession is something I am really looking forward to. I encourage my peers from around the world to speak up by answering the questionnaires that will be sent out prior to the event and by applying to be a delegate and a part of history in the making. Come to Frankfurt and let us learn from one another and work together for a better tomorrow.

EUPA - Qualification Framework for Personal Assistants

IMA is a partner of EUPA NEXT - Validation of formal, non-formal and informal learning: The case study of Administration Personnel international project. The project started in September 2015 and will end in September 2018. Maria Lazarou, former Executive Chairman, represents IMA in EUPA NEXT.

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