To virtually excel and to excellently support with meetings and presentations

Date: 26 January 2021, 19-21 CET

Date: 26 January 2021, 19-21 CET

The screen is the new meeting room. Distractions, tech-set ups and digital fatigue are your boundaries to overcome and to support your management with. That's why we are exclusively offering you this interactive opportunity to increase your communication skills in digital meetings and presentations. Easy tips and tricks for sound, video and slides will be alternated with advise and principles to engage across screens. After this session you'll be empowered to support or drive your next presentation virtually with new tools to rapidly increase your continued digital development.

Content and learnings

  • Optimizing the environment, physical and digital
  • Engaged work with slidedecks, presenting and managing your audience through tech and rhetoric
  • Pointers for body language and contact through the screen
  • Mitigating fatigue and understanding attention better

About Jonathan Hörnhagen

Jonathan is academically a rhetorican and has several years of experience as a global communications professional part of a CEO office. Used to mitigating cameras and digital communications, Jonathan has coached 14 TED talks to a total of 10 million views and can be seen on Swedish television doing the critically acclaimed kids' show Game of Rhetorics.