The Playbook of a Post-Pandemic EA (& How the Future of Work is Already Here)

As we emerge from the pandemic, assess its fallout in the workplace and look to recovery, Executive Assistants are going to find themselves facing one of the most exciting career opportunities in the history of the profession.

Generally, organizations are facing a dire talent and skills shortage. Leaders see this shortage – particularly present in new digital areas – as one of their biggest business threats, and it is arriving as budgets tighten like never before.

Zooming into the multi-faceted area of management support, we see many of the general organization's threats and opportunities play out simultaneously, in a sort of micro-cosmos. While certain skillsets of the modern assistant are being up valued and are sought-after, other aspects of the job face the risk of automation, and down valuation.

The task at hand is to focus intensely on reskilling and upskilling, to nurture an understanding of the future of the role and to align one's skills and current playbook to gain value over time.

In this webinar you will learn about;

• The future job market for EAs

• Risks & Rewards

• Future Skills

• Lifelong learning

• Skills mapping

• Let's Be Uniquely Human, & Uniquely Well-Positioned

Daniel Kjellsson has made it his personal quest to make lifelong learning a human right.

He has spent the past decade studying the digitization of jobs, and how to conduct personalized future skills mapping.

He is the co-founder of global think tank Future Talent Council and the lead-creator of the Professional Master for Executive Assistants online learning programme.

Daniel has been a part of the research and business development unit at Swedish Företagsuniversitetet since 2010, closely witnessing the organization's work to continuously strengthening the Executive Assistant role via courses such as (for example) Executive Assistant – Masterclass, Executive Assistant 2025, and the Vidgade Vyer annual conference for assistants.

He is the host of the Executive Assistant podcast (in Swedish).

Good to know

This seminar is open to both members (free of charge) and non-members (fee of 25 Euro) and will take place on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link in a meeting invitation from our Vice Chairman.

A replay of the seminar will be available (members only) for one month after the seminar.