Paola Ivana Suhonen

Paola Ivana Suhonen (born 1974) is a multi-talented Finnish designer, artist, entrepreneur, musician and a film maker. She is especially known for her fashion brand IvanaHelsinki, which she founded in 1998. The visual world of Ivana Helsinki takes its inspiration from Paola's own strong, poetic visions, road trip romantics and is heavily based on her personal life experiences.

Paola’s much celebrated signature style is embedded with influential Scandinavian roots; evoking memories of white arctic summer nights and the eerie hovering isolation of the notorious Nordic winters and legends of her childhood. Graphics and prints enjoy her unique mix of yester-year flavours and sophistication, with a shot of contemporary charm that can be seen throughout the designs of IvanaHelsinki fashion, films, design and most
recently, music.

IvanaHelsinki is the only Finnish and Scandinavian fashion brand that has presented its collections at Paris and New York official Fashion Weeks´ shows. Suhonen has also collaborated with numerous Finnish and international companies, for example; Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, Swarowski, Topshop, Google, Carrefour, Sokos Hotels and Nokia.

Paola Suhonen lived in the United States for five years and studied at the New York Film Academy as well as at the legendary American Film Institute in Los Angeles. She also run her own art space in Nolita, Manhattan.

Suhonen has an exceptional skill to bring out the sensitive and humane side of her subjects as well as creating strong and cinematic worlds. This shows in her fashion films, documentaries and fictional films. Suhonen was awarded with the prestigious Student Emmy price with a film she worked as cinematographer in 2013 ( WINNER
Student EMMY for Outstanding Drama/ SHORTLIST 40th Student Academy Awards/ WINNER BAFTA LA Student Film Awards - Special Jury Award). She is specialized in alternative photography and cinematography technics and still mostly shooting on film.

Suhonen has also worked as a guest lecturer at Helsinki Aalto University and Helsinki Design School. She has also created children´s book series called ”Special dog Affe”. Suhonen is known for advokating for animal rights and sustainable fashion.

Paola Ivana Suhonen has been recognized with two of the most valued art prizes in Finland, Pro Finlandia (2013) and Suomi-prize (2018). She has two masters degrees (Master of Arts / Aalto University and Master of Fine Arts / American Film Institute).

Paola is also member of the folkrock band Lone Deer Laredo, being one of the songwriters/composers.