Shelagh Donnelly

A recognised thought leader, Shelagh also invests time and care in staying attuned to developments in cybersecurity, governance, and the business world. She knows that what happens in these spheres will impact your career.

Canadian Shelagh (pronounced “Sheila”) Donnelly educates and coaches people who are focused on career fulfillment. After three decades in the career, and drawing on formal education in adult learning, Shelagh began speaking and writing full time in 2019. In addition to her Exceptional EA website, which she founded in 2013, she writes about governance and business for a major corporation. Shelagh speaks at conferences and delivers onsite training for government, higher education, governance and business audiences, including a stock exchange and corporations such as the NBA.

Given post-pandemic changes and challenges ahead, it’s wise to invest in learning from someone who thrived in your career though not only good economic times, but also during times of turmoil and recession. Shelagh has done just that. She was working alongside a COO at the age of 21. She’s been through a corporate merger, economic recessions, and the dissolution of one institution in order for two new ones to emerge. She left the career entirely while her children were little, then started again at the bottom of the org chart. She’s been a direct report to four CEOs and accountable to board Chairs, and worked alongside private and public sector C-level executives for most of her career.

Long active in Canadian and US professional associations, Shelagh’s been a mentor, led multiple initiatives, and served as the Chair of a national board of directors. Positive by nature, Shelagh is someone you can trust to speak realistically, yet with a healthy sense of humour. She’s someone to whom you can entrust the job of challenging and encouraging you as you make your way forward in your career.

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