How to stay relevant for business?

IMA online conference, 2 October 2020

With the new work life due to covid-19 where many are working from home we need to ensure that we have the right tools and can continue to support our Executives in an excellent way.

To stay relevant means that you still will be useful, innovative and up with the times.

During this online IMA conference you will get insight how to work as a virtual assistant, how can we be better suit and adapt to the new work life, and still ensure that you work in a sustainable way both for yourself and for the company.



    Even before COVID-19, the latest research showed that 58% of assistants didn’t feel properly utilized by their organisations. Add coronavirus into the conversations around the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, AI & the future of the role, and it just accentuates the fact that many assistants are unsure about the future of the profession, especially in the context of the ‘new normal’.

    In this session, we’ll be covering: assistants’ unique skill sets how to step up into leadership why COVID-19 is the best opportunity to show your indispensability.


    Lucy Brazier is one of the world’s leading authorities on the administrative profession.

    As CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine – a global training magazine dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals - Lucy works with the best trainers of Executive Assistants from around the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market.

    Lucy Brazier CEO, Marcham Publishing | Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine | International Speaker | Conference Chair | Expert on the Administrative Sector


    • Why remote working and Virtual Assistants are not the same thing, what your organisation should be considering when engaging a Virtual Assistant.
    • The myths surrounding Virtual Assistants and why you should be focussing on the value they can bring to a workforce.
    • The lessons and tools we can learn from Virtual Assistants to improve productivity in the workplace and help you focus on your strengths.

    Amanda Johnson of VACT Limited, is an ex-Royal Navy Logistics Officer, whose military career spanned 23 years and covered a wide range of secretarial and logistic duties. On her retirement from the military in 2012, she launched her own VA business, then in 2014, she bought the business she had trained with and for a number of years ran her VA “doing" business alongside the training business – but eventually realised she did need to get some sleep so sold her doing business and now coaches, trains and mentors aspiring, new and experienced Virtual Assistants to launch, create and grow successful VA businesses.


    In this session we will launch the IMA Sustainability Challenge! Together with our partner Deedster all members in IMA will get the opportunity to engage and learn more about sustainability. Through the climate app Deedster you can calculate your carbon footprint, quiz on the latest research in sustainability and do climate friendly deeds – while earning points to your country’s team! Why not try a vegan lunch, green investment or shopping vintage? Deedster makes climate action easy and fun. Niclas Persson, CEO at Deedster, will launch the IMA Sustainability Challenge and give an introductory webinar to the latest research in climate change, how we as individuals can make a real change, and the latest industry trends.

    Key points
    • Climate change overview - the ugly truths and the hopeful progress
    • How can you take action for the climate today?
    • Latest industry trends
    • Launch of IMA Sustainability Challenge in Deedster – a tailormade and engaging sustainability challenge in the Deedster app

    Niclas Persson is the CEO and Co-founder of Deedster.

    He started his career with 11 years as a fighter pilot in the Swedish Air Force followed by 17 years as an entrepreneur and business leader in the global Financial Markets.

    After leading the merger of two of the top firms in the capital markets tech industry he decided to dedicate all his efforts to the climate issue. Since 2016 he and his team in Deedster is 100% devoted to accelerate the transition to sustainable living. Deedster has to date sparked sustainability engagement in over 150 large and mid-sized companies around the globe. Clients include Academic Work, Telia Company, Scania and EQT.


    Session blurb: Which characteristics are truly game-changing for executive assistants and administrative professionals?
    How can assistants lean into their leadership roles by embodying them? This keynote from longtime executive assistant and bestselling author Jeremy Burrows takes a closer look at how to embody the following 5 game-changing characteristics: Discerning, Steady, Confident, Humble, and Future-Proof.

    Jeremy Burrows is a longtime executive assistant, international speaker and trainer, author of The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant, and host of the #1 podcast for assistants – The Leader Assistant Podcast. His passion is helping assistants and executives lead well without burning out.

    Jeremy has worked with CEOs, professional athletes, Fortune 100 board members, billionaires, pastors—and their assistants—in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. 
He’s currently EA to the Founder and CEO of Capacity, an artificial intelligence SaaS company.