IMA Online Academy 2018

We continue to offer our members regular online training. It is about lifelong learning to ensure that your competence is up-to-date. Keep your eyes open for coming announcements.

  • The value and impact of Artificial Intelligence in our work world

    Already taken place
    Trainer: Julie Perrine

    In this session, Julie will elaborate about : AI and the PA/EA: Creating Your Strategy for Integrating AI in Your Workplace From retail to health care, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is seeping into just about every industry, including the administrative field. And it's only going to increase in popularity in the coming years. Yet some executive assistants see AI as a threat to their careers, and think it could potentially replace them.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The Innovative Admin doesn't need to fear AI. Instead, admins have a lot to gain from engaging with this new technology - from increasing efficiency to reducing errors and improving productivity. During this webinar, you'll discover how to develop an innovation mindset and embrace AI and all that is can off in the workplace!

    Bio Julie:

    Julie Perrine is an administrative expert, author, trainer, and all-around procedures pro. She is the founder and CEO of All Things Admin, a company dedicated to developing innovative products, training, and resources for administrative professionals worldwide. Julie's upbeat, step-by-step approach to handling the opportunities and challenges facing administrative professionals provides proactive strategies for developing a plan, creating forward motion, and achieving great results. Learn more about Julie's books, The Innovative Admin: Unleash the Power of Innovation In Your Administrative Career, The Organized Admin: Leverage Your Unique Organizing Style to Create Systems, Reduce Overwhelm, and Increase Productivity

  • Working with millennials - meet the new manager generation of the digital age

    Already taken place
    Trainer: Diana Brandl

    In this session, Diana will share her advice on how to tackle millennial executives who are becoming more and more common as the new manager generation in the digital age. She has been working with them for almost two years and will introduce this new "species" of micro-managers, digital natives and 24/7 executives to us by describing their management and leadership style. You well learn a lot about your own strengths and many opportunities that come with the new manager generation for our profession.

    Bio Diana:

    Diana Brandl holds a Degree in International Administration and Management, specializing in Office Management. Throughout her career, she has worked successfully for C-Level Executives within global corporations such as Sony, ratiopharm and Mister Spex. Diana has a strong background in Communications and is an active networker. She joined IMA in 2006, and is a Member of the Board serving as Acting-Public Relations Officer for IMA Germany and is also chairing the Regional Group of IMA Berlin / Germany. She continuously supports the role of the management assistant by speaking at international events and publishing various articles in Germany and abroad. Diana writes her own blog The Socialista Projects and is influencing the industry with her creative initiatives such as launching the hashtag #WeAreInThisTogether