I was born to be an Assistant?

by Christina Maslova

Today I’ve got an unexpected question. Where I can learn how to become an assistant? If there any school, courses? Curious... yes, I think there is a secretary school, there are courses, well, there are a lot of everything where you can learn…  Read more


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Did you already register for our 45th annual IMA conference in Geneva on October 18? 

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At IMA we don't do 'good', we do 'perfection'

Our venue for  IMA 45th conference on October 18 is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Geneva. A stylish hotel located next to Geneva Airport with modern business facilities and convenient transport links to the city…  Read more


Moderator of the the IMA 45th Conference

At last but not least let us present the moderator Noëlle Goris who will lead us through the IMA 45th Conference "The Future is Now - How to be a challenger in your role" on Oct 18 in Geneva, Switzerland. Noëlle Goris is the General…  Read more


Management Assistants - taking action for our planet!

by Sofie Koark

Since the United Nation's climate change report was presented in 2018, many of us woke up to the terrible realization of what is happening to our planet.…  Read more


Talk about a power woman!

Ishtar Touailat was awarded The Future Female Leader of the year (2018).   

Sweden’s most powerful business woman of the year (2018) and IT Woman of the year (2016).  

Now she's joining us at our IMA…  Read more


Meet a former multi-award winning EA

Meet Andrea Macarie, a former multi-award winning EA who will discuss the topic of becoming the game changing assistant at IMA Conference on Oct 18 in Geneva.   

Andrea is a broad generalist with a passion for creative problem solving,…  Read more


IBABS: New Global Bronze Partner!

Do you still run your (board) meetings with stacks of printed papers? 

iBabs makes organizing and running meetings more efficient with its paperless board portal solution. 

More than 200,000 people use it every day as…  Read more