Digital Transformation or Digital Eradication?

by Isabel García - IMA Spain Web Coordinator

I recently had a conversation with one of our regular services vendors and asked whether the digitization of the processes have turned out to be a workload reduction for them and she replied, in a very categorical tone, a simple and flat NO. I was…  Read more


Professional Master for Executive Assistants - an online learning programme taking the role to new levels

Företagsuniversitetet and IMA – International Management Assistants - are happy to announce a partnership agreement for promoting the online learning programme Professional Master for Executive Assistants.  

In recent…  Read more


Thank you and keep up the good IMA spirit!

by Else-Britt Lundgren, former Executive Chairman

Congratulations! We have a new Executive Chairman Nina Aunula from IMA Finland and a new Association Secretary Muriel Dewandre from IMA Belgium since October 19, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting in Geneva Switzerland. I feel very safe that IMA will…  Read more


Great gift from Executive Secretary

A special edition to celebrate IMA 45  

To commemorate 45 years of IMA - International Management Assistants-  Executive Secretary has compiled a selection of articles from IMA members who have written for them over the…  Read more


Message from the newly elected Executive Chairman

Dear colleagues,  

I wanted to write a note to you to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the team to you. As most of you know, Else-Britt Lundgren and Marina Ruiter stepped down from the Executive Committee on Saturday,…  Read more


IMA celebrates 45 years – from traditional secretary to strategical management assistant

by Camilla Martinez Mares, (translated by IMA)

This year IMA – International Management Assistants is celebrating their 45th anniversary as a professional network. The Swedish Executiveeffect has met IMA’s Executive Chairman Else-Britt Lundgren who will let us understand IMA’s…  Read more


Sustainability is here to stay!

by Julia Schmidt

Are you building a sustainable career for yourself?  

Corporate sustainability has become a buzzword in companies big and small. According to Wikipedia, "sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present…  Read more


Meet a former multi-award winning EA

Meet Andrea Macarie, a former multi-award winning EA who will discuss the topic of becoming the game changing assistant.

Whatch her here.





IMA…  Read more