FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – More connected than ever

by Valérie Lionnet, Deputy Chairman IMA France

Before the crisis, before I was leaving for the office, I never took time for breakfast or meditation, I just rushed out of the house in a hurry to get to work.

Now I am just experiencing the complete opposite, remaining at home. No rush…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Personal growth in times of corona

by Gloria Gratacos, IMA Spain

You may probably know that Spain is already the 2nd country, after the USA, with the highest number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus: More than 117.000 after today’s count. The number of deceased is also awful, more than 11.000.

However,…  Read more


Profile of Nina Aunula, Executive Chairman

Nina Aunula is the Chairman of International Management Assistants (IMA) and an Executive Assistant in Finland

Can we start with a little background information? Where are you from and what is your…  Read more


Digital Transformation or Digital Eradication?

by Isabel García - IMA Spain Web Coordinator

I recently had a conversation with one of our regular services vendors and asked whether the digitization of the processes have turned out to be a workload reduction for them and she replied, in a very categorical tone, a simple and flat NO. I was…  Read more


Professional Master for Executive Assistants - an online learning programme taking the role to new levels

Företagsuniversitetet and IMA – International Management Assistants - are happy to announce a partnership agreement for promoting the online learning programme Professional Master for Executive Assistants.  

In recent…  Read more


Thank you and keep up the good IMA spirit!

by Else-Britt Lundgren, former Executive Chairman

Congratulations! We have a new Executive Chairman Nina Aunula from IMA Finland and a new Association Secretary Muriel Dewandre from IMA Belgium since October 19, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting in Geneva Switzerland. I feel very safe that IMA will…  Read more


Great gift from Executive Secretary

A special edition to celebrate IMA 45  

To commemorate 45 years of IMA - International Management Assistants-  Executive Secretary has compiled a selection of articles from IMA members who have written for them over the…  Read more


Message from the newly elected Executive Chairman

Dear colleagues,  

I wanted to write a note to you to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the team to you. As most of you know, Else-Britt Lundgren and Marina Ruiter stepped down from the Executive Committee on Saturday,…  Read more