FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Resilience, Adaptability, Adjustment, Discipline

by Rita Kotsapa, former National Chairman IMA Cyprus

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the remarkable powers and strengths we possess as human beings.  When faced with trauma and adversity, people demonstrate capabilities such as resilience, adaptability, adjustment, discipline, tolerance, patience.  

Lessons…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Food for thought for our employers

by Jane Barton, National Chairman IMA Luxemburg

Take a few minutes to think back to early March, everyone was going to work as usual, complaining about the traffic and all those other issues which beset our daily lives, but no one was complaining that they were not looking forward to being confined…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Being productive from home

by Pascal Hämmerli, CEO of Ethos Digital Sàrl, Fribourg, Switzerland
With the rise of the coronavirus and the measures taken by the Swiss Government, we are living a special and unprecedented period.  Teleworking has been growing in Switzerland for many years, due to its flexibility and efficiency. However, the…  Read more

FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – The importance of clear crisis communication

by Silvia Salomon, NATIONAL CHAIRMAN IMA Italy

As a linguistic expert, the way in which human beings interact and how communication dynamics work have always fascinated me. As an executive assistant, I have had many chances to observe how human communication happens in the business environment…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Message from IMA Netherlands

Dear IMA friends

The world is turned upside down and many of us are bored in an empty, but sunny Netherlands. Fortunately, the majority of our Dutch IMA members are still working, often from a home situation, which is not always easy. Of…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Roll up your sleeves!

by Michela Luoni, IMA Italy

We left Easter behind, and the only topic everybody is talking about is: When will this situation be over? Are we allowed to start thinking of summer vacation already? When will we all return to our normal lives? Well, after 53 days of isolation, I…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – More connected than ever

by Valérie Lionnet, Deputy Chairman IMA France

Before the crisis, before I was leaving for the office, I never took time for breakfast or meditation, I just rushed out of the house in a hurry to get to work.

Now I am just experiencing the complete opposite, remaining at home. No rush…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Personal growth in times of corona

by Gloria Gratacos, IMA Spain

You may probably know that Spain is already the 2nd country, after the USA, with the highest number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus: More than 117.000 after today’s count. The number of deceased is also awful, more than 11.000.

However,…  Read more