FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Healing words in a crisis – when you don’t feel good or depressed

Published: 2020-05-29

Allow me to share a method with you, that I have developed for my female customers who are in a difficult mental state, and which helps very quickly: The woman in the mirror. I don't know if it works equally for men, I haven't tried it with them yet.

Look into the mirror and imagine: The person you see is your best friend. 
What would he/she tell you if you asked him/her to describe you being your best friend?

Take a nice piece of paper and write these words down. Find at least twelve descriptions and remember: Best friends do find lovely expressions without any buts. 

Then, choose the five ones you like most. 
Write the five words down on another piece of paper or on a beautiful postcard and pronounce them loudly in front of your mirror and give your counterpart your most beautiful smile after each word. For the women: Feel free to put on a bit of eyeshadow and lipstick if you like. Do it every morning, it only takes three minutes.

These are ‘healing words’; they help better and faster than any antidepressant and they have no side effects.

Keep well and safe and stay healthy during the corona crisis.

Since psychological reactions may be caused by modified, amateurish or incorrect use, the author can not be held responsible for any damages caused by improper use.

Claudia Ruppert-Sand, Germany, IMA member since 1995

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