FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – The value of networking: Standing together during bad times

Published: 2020-05-27

Allow me to quote an old saying: A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people.

There are countless examples of bad behavior, e.g. hoarding in the supermarket at the beginning of the pandemic, recklessness by not observing the lockdown rules, not keeping a minimum distance and not wearing protective masks, and more and more domestic violence against children and women etc.

The best that a crisis can bring out in human beings is just as diverse as multifaceted, and depends on many influencing factors, such as culture, religion, personal values and gender. Women are known to mostly think differently compared to men. One of our best qualities is empathy, but also helpfulness, emotional intelligence and a strong sense of cohesion, sharing and caring. 

No doubt we are currently living in bad times and these qualities are now more needed than ever.

We are not all equally affected by the pandemic. Some countries, particularly those in Southern Europe, are hit much harder than others, and I think a lot about our South African colleagues and friends.

I observe with great concern that much is in an unprecedented upheaval, and lots of things are falling apart these last few months.

Within our association, we can easily give each other psychological support and valuable help: Let's use our great IMA network and let's keep in touch with each other, especially internationally, let's encourage each other and share ideas. Talking helps.  Writing too.  Let’s stand together.

Claudia Ruppert-Sand, Germany, IMA-Member since 1995

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