FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Resilience, Adaptability, Adjustment, Discipline

Published: 2020-05-08

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the remarkable powers and strengths we possess as human beings.  When faced with trauma and adversity, people demonstrate capabilities such as resilience, adaptability, adjustment, discipline, tolerance, patience.  

Lessons learned  
As individuals, we  already learned that we manage to get by with much less than we are used to.  Maybe this crisis will prove to be a wake-up call to simplify our lives, to focus on what really matters, which will strengthen our ability to respond in the future.  

The social and economic crisis we are facing may lead us to do some soul-searching and to reflect on how well we are living our values and our precious life, and to how we may embark on more inner-directed practices such as self-awareness for a more satisfying life.  Now is the time to build closer family relations, friendships,  to leave behind pettiness and  small-mindedness, and to focus on important and essential things.  

Management Assistants are apt to cope with adversity  
I would also like to focus on the fact that Management Assistants are more apt to cope with adversity. We are fortunate to have a solid experience of building professional and personal skills, having sometimes to manage 3 or 4 bosses of different cultures and a variety of personal characteristics.   Although we can be puzzled with highly challenging tasks, we overcome the most difficult circumstances.  At many times we have to diversify in view of job loss, we develop and we evolve.  We know how to cooperate with and manage various difficult colleagues. Always being up-to-date on digitalization and technological advancement is so important in this unprecedented situation.  
Our Association has contributed immensely to the development and on-going training of building solid coping skills.  
As this situation may stay with us for a long time and will continue to change the daily life we used to know, we need to stay positive and tolerant, this will enable us to come out of the crisis stronger than ever.  
Even after a devastating forest fire, new seeds begin sprouting immediately after the first rain.  
The IMA 2020 overall theme “Sustainability” is  most appropriate as the climate change effects may begin to look  like a continuous pandemic, threatening daily life in our cities,  causing droughts, floods, fires, heat waves, and tropical diseases spreading across the globe.  

Let’s hope that the situation in a few months will still allow the organization of the Annual Conference!  

Rita Kotsapa, former National Chairman IMA Cyprus, IMA member since 1989.

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