FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Message from IMA Netherlands

Published: 2020-04-29

Dear IMA friends

The world is turned upside down and many of us are bored in an empty, but sunny Netherlands. Fortunately, the majority of our Dutch IMA members are still working, often from a home situation, which is not always easy. Of course, safety and health is central to everyone and we have to wait a while until we can really go out again, something that we are all looking forward to ...

Until then, we will keep in touch with our IMA members on our social media channels and in our national Group App. Among other things, tips are shared, nice videos are sent and personal stories are shared, all this to cheer each other up and to put a heart to it. We need each other and notice that the power of our network has a very added value. That feels good.

In our country, 138 new Corona reports were received by  the RIVM in the past twenty-four hours from persons who died of the Corona virus. This brings the total number of Corona deaths in the Netherlands to 4,054. In total, 10,021 Corona patients have now been admitted to hospital. The total number of infections detected increased by 708 to 34,842. Fortunately, the number of hospital admissions has been decreasing since the beginning of the month. A small bright spot.

For the time being we hope with all our heart that our events on location can continue as usual in the second half of this year. We look forward to meeting everyone again in person. If you are in the area, you are of course always very welcome!

In any case, we cannot wait until that time. Stay safe!

With warm regards, on behalf of everyone at IMA Netherlands.



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