FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – More connected than ever

Published: 2020-04-20

Before the crisis, before I was leaving for the office, I never took time for breakfast or meditation, I just rushed out of the house in a hurry to get to work.

Now I am just experiencing the complete opposite, remaining at home. No rush in the crowd anymore!

While people in my close surroundings are dealing with Covid-19 24 hours a day, I feel very lucky to be a management assistant working from home with my laptop and having access to a lot of fabulous tools.

During this very difficult time to get through, I have never felt so connected to others.

First of all within my family we stay connected via phone or mails. For the sake of my loved ones I have now been in contact with aunts or cousins I barely had on the phone before. One of them was sewing masks and offering to deliver some for my sister’s retirement home. The others were all so comprehensive.

I am also helping my old mother who lives very far from Paris with her administration. We phone several times a day. I have also sent her links for watching Easter masses. These are all tools she is still not very familiar with! And I am thinking of playing scrabble with her via Teams during my vacation.

I also never got so many links with colleagues, from my working team, my floor or just new ones I added to our Yammer account. During the full team retreat in Montreal early February we started creating links, which are now continuing in the format of having virtual coffee every week. Thanks to these marvelous tools I’ve known three cats, shared a small Manchester garden with a bit of sun, I’ve e-mailed a Canadian girl I was sharing a blind dinner with during the seminar to make sure she and her sister were all good.

At home I have rediscovered my yellow kitchen. How nice this little room can be to sit in! Breathing the air from the backyard, with its usual little noises and enjoying just an hour or so of sun on my skin.

How wonderful it is to have dearest friends we can call and exchange news with.

How nice it is to have a virtual aperitif, even without video but just laughs.

How nice it is to restart an online choir and even for free!

How strong our IMA France virtual meetings are.

How much stronger we feel after watching Laura Belgrado’s webinar.

How nice it is to have IMA contacts around the world, and being able to reach them any time we need to.

After all this will be over and I will be back at work, I will remember how nice it was to choose which cup to use every morning, which tea, scones, crumpets or gingerbread to taste. No more rushes in the street. We will remember how important the others are.

Valérie Lionnet

Vice-Chairman IMA France

IMA member since 2013

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