FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Personal growth in times of corona

Published: 2020-04-15

You may probably know that Spain is already the 2nd country, after the USA, with the highest number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus: More than 117.000 after today’s count. The number of deceased is also awful, more than 11.000.

However, it is not my intention to only provide you with glooming figures about this catastrophe, but also to give my testimonial and how I manage to get the best out of this period. 

It has been already 3 weeks since we were first asked to stay home in quarantine. This lockdown is key to avoid being infected or spreading the virus, in case we already have the bug in our body.

A priori this is an uncomfortable situation for us all. We are asked to stop or daily routine, our tasks, all what is essential to us; the way we live, love and act. This is a new situation for all of us, this never happened before and we have mixed feelings about it. Fear? Yes, we all may feel fear, to a greater or lesser degree, but we do. And this is normal because we are human beings, and the situation is more than serious.

It was clear to me from the very beginning that it was essential to stick to a daily routine in order to be able to cope with this situation. During the first two weeks I was still working from Monday to Friday, so this was my daily routine from 8 to 5pm. For the remainder of the day and during weekends I included different activities, such as physical exercise (yoga, taichi, cardio…) and meditation, which I normally practice. 

Lots of household activities are also useful to stay fit and to have the house clean and tidy, as well as reading or watching movies. I also needed to catch up on pending issues, those things you never have the time to do when you are at home. It looks like now is the perfect time, isn’t it?  

Unfortunately, my contract with my former company was due to expire on the 27th March, and therefore I now also have had to include job research in my daily agenda. I feel it will be even more difficult to find a job given the actual circumstances, but I am very confident and trust that I will get the best out of this. It is indeed an unexpected challenge to find myself coping with this situation during a lockdown. But I think that things happen for a purpose, not accidentally.

One of the things I also decided to include in my daily routine was writing a journal, including short daily posts on my Facebook wall (you may have read them if you normally follow me). It was very clear for me that I would only post positive news, thoughts and feelings (and some humor, of course) and leave all the negativity aside. It is just too easy to say that we need to be resilient in these circumstances when everything around you smells like drama. I only watch the news once a day, that is enough for me. It is not about denying the reality but please, let’s make it more digestible. Our immune system needs positivity to stay strong, so we have to keep bad inputs as far away as we can.

This is also a time for me to reflect, to stop and think why this is happening. Is there a message behind? Is nature giving us some food for thought? Do we have to start doing things in a different way? Is this a time for renewal? All these questions are on my mind since the very beginning and I try to reach to my own conclusions. I want to use this time of isolation to rethink my life and find answers for the future. One thing is clear to me: We will not be the same when this storm is over. Or at least, we should not try to be. This is indeed a time to grow, a time to think out of the box and to look at things in a new perspective.

Now allow me to retire, it is almost 8 p.m., time to go out on my terrace and clap hands together with my neighbours, to thank all our wonderful medical staff for their colossal work.  :)  

May these days of inner peace be fruitful to you, and I wish you good health, for you and all your loved ones.  Stay home, stay safe and above all, stay positive!!

Your friend, Glòria

Barcelona, 3rd April 2020

Glòria Gratacòs
IMA member since 2003
Former National Chairman IMA Spain 2009-2013, Former Deputy National Chairman IMA Spain 2013-2014 & Former National Treasurer IMA Spain 2015-2016.

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