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Published: 2019-11-19

Congratulations! We have a new Executive Chairman Nina Aunula from IMA Finland and a new Association Secretary Muriel Dewandre from IMA Belgium since October 19, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting in Geneva Switzerland. I feel very safe that IMA will continue to develop and keep the uniqueness to offer our members time for networking, relevant trainings and trend spotting for the profession.   

Else-Britt Lundgren and Nina Aunula.

Marina Ruiter and Muriel Dewandre   

A special thank you to Marina Ruiter for her committed contribution to IMA and who now stepped down from her four years office as Association Secretary.  

We all THANK the hosting country IMA Switzerland for their hard and dedicated work to make the 45th conference The Future is Now – How to be a challenger in your role” and the IMA 45th celebration party in Geneva on October 18, 2019 - extremely successful! We had 270 participants from more than 20 countries and 14 partners and sponsors, fantastic! #IMAconference2019 #IMAturns45  

Sonia Vanular, the founder

We as management support professionals and IMA members should be very proud on how our network and profession has developed during these 45 years. It was our founder Sonia Vanular's vision to create a professional network where joint learning, sharing and empowerment were the key words. Unfortunately, Sonia was not well enough to attend our latest event in Geneva.

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Now when I step down, I am very proud and happy of what are achieved according to the strategy operational plans during my time as the Executive Chairman 2013-2019 among others

2015 Cyprus  

I would like to THANK the Council Members (national chairmen, national treasurers and national PR officers) and my teammates in the Executive Committee during these years as; Chantal Sneijkers (BE), Marina Reuter (BE), Sabrina Franchini (BE), Vaida Rapello (FR), Gina Theofilidou (GR), Yvonne de Wolf (NL), Ursula Wartha (DE), Anna M Hueto (ES) and Christina Bagge Kragh (DK). You have been there to support me and more important you have challenged me. Together we have changed IMA into a modern association and reduced bureaucracy – “One for all – all for one”!  

I encourage you all to take every chance to get out from your comfort zone – if it is within a network as IMA, at work or in your private life it doesn’t matter - that is the way to keep pace with the change in our profession and in life.  

I wish the Executive Committee good luck and all the best! You will do great!

We keep in touch!

Else-Britt Lundgren is an IMA member since 1995 and the former Executive Chairman 2013-2019, former National Chairman IMA Sweden 2008-2012, former National Vice Chairman IMA Sweden 2006-2008 and National Secretary IMA Sweden 2004-2006. Else-Britt led the change of the new name and branding, IMA – International Management Assistants, which was launched in 2017. She has more than 30 years’ experiences in the roles of executive administrative support and office manager. Today she is C-level Senior Administrator at the Swedish biotech company BioArctic AB.



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