Message from the newly elected Executive Chairman

Published: 2019-10-25

Dear colleagues,  

I wanted to write a note to you to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the team to you. As most of you know, Else-Britt Lundgren and Marina Ruiter stepped down from the Executive Committee on Saturday, after having held their positions for six and four years respectively. We are very grateful to Else-Britt and Marina for their commitment and dedication in working for IMA! Consequently, I enclose a picture of the current Executive Committee, which includes the following team members (from left to right):  

Executive Treasurer Vaida Rapello  

Executive PR Officer Sabrina Franchini  

Executive Chairman Nina Aunula  

Executive Vice Chairman Chantal Sneijkers  

Association Secretary Muriel Dewandre  

Earlier this week, when I was soaking up the memories of all the great encounters of the past IMA event, as well as brushing up on my social media skills, I reflected on the word communication. For me writing and speaking is not as difficult as it is to try to convey the true meaning and depth of my words to any given audience. I then asked myself, what would be the most important message I would like to convey to you, here and now? I came to the conclusion, that what I want to say or what I want you to hear, is nowhere near as important as what you want to convey to us in the Committee or to me. Therefore the summary of my message in short is, that listening is now one of my top priorities and I encourage you to come forward and approach us or me with your ideas, issues or concerns!  

Elaborating on the above, I also wanted to share my core values with you. They mirror my ethical principles and the most notable in this context are integrity, responsibility and accountability. I assure you that I will do my best to translate these values into concrete actions, working together with you for the common good of IMA. The conference we attended on Friday emphasized for me the importance of gravitating the “me” closer towards the “we” and I am privileged to have such a great network and team to work together with!  

Our goal for 2020 is to have 2020 members – so I challenge each of you to recruit (at least) one new member in the coming months! Why? Not only in order to grow our membership figures, but because this network can really make a member feel connected to his or her peers, to gain valuable insights and to evolve and grow both professionally and personally. IMA has reached a very impressive milestone of 45 years. No association or group can survive, let alone grow and thrive, for that long, unless it develops, gains strength, broadens its horizons and continues to inspire its members.    

For me personally, I feel that one of our most important tasks is to raise the awareness as well as the regard and respect of our profession. To accomplish this, we need to find new ways to make IMA, and who we are and what we stand for, even more known. I would e.g. see us continue to utilize and enhance our use of the social media and digital marketing tools we have available to us. I would also seek to involve both our Executives as well as our employing companies more, among some other development ideas.  

We will return to the theme of our 45th anniversary later, so stay tuned but in the meantime, never hesitate to contact us or me as we are here for you and we are all in this together!  

With wishes of a lovely rest of the week, 



Nina Aunula

Executive Chairman

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