I was born to be an Assistant?

Published: 2019-07-31

Today I’ve got an unexpected question. Where I can learn how to become an assistant? If there any school, courses? Curious... yes, I think there is a secretary school, there are courses, well, there are a lot of everything where you can learn about ethics, time management, different tools for travel planning... I don’t know - business processes and etc. But I guess there is nothing here about how to become and how to be an excellent assistant. 

It’s about soul. 

Can you learn to love what you do? Can you learn to love people around you? To care about somebody as you care about yourself? Can you learn to want being helpful?

Assistant - it’s a long term project. Either successful, or no way. Assistants learn during the whole life. And teach me how to be an assistant sounds for me like - teach me how to be happy. I understand that question shows the interest, but I do not have an answer. Like about happiness - find out what you want and then dig the needed direction.

Funny - I wrote the whole book about assistants, but there is no chapter “how to become an assistant” in it. Maybe because there is no word “become”, there is “be” here and now, in a moment. Every single day, at 3 at night, and on vacation.
Assistant - it’s even not a profession, it’s an art. Jean Shardin wrote that “wrist, arm and palette are needed to draw, but they are not what painting is created with”.

I do not know where assistants are made. Maybe they are just born.



Christina Malova, IMA Individual member from Russia is a C-Level Bilingual Executive Assistant with 10+ years of experience in administrative field. She is educated in Economics and Management of the Enterprise from the Russian State Trade-Economic University, 

Executive Assistant to General Manager Russia & CIS | Head of Administration at Electrolux. She has  published several articles in the magazine "Secretary-referent" and  author of the book "Assistant's Path in Russia: a Guide for the Profession" (Rus\Eng).

Work Experience

Executive Assistant to President Russia & CIS at Schneider Electric (industry) 
Executive Assistant & Head of Administrative Department at Goltsblat BLP (legal)
Executive Assistant to Board Member (Head of Sales) at GE (bank)
Executive Assistant to Shareholder at BBDO (advertising)
Executive Assistant to General Manager in Russia & CIS at Air Products (industry)
Sales Manager at Yamaha Motor Corporation
Reception secretary at Deutsche Bank




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