Greetings from Lund in Sweden

Published: 2019-06-04

IMA Sweden has kindly invited me to speak after they held their National Training Day and AGM on May 11 in beautiful Lund just next to the Danish border. I have never been in this area and was keen to join the event but most importantly to share my presentation and network with the Swedish IMA members. 

The topic was the future role of the management assistant. We talked about embracing technology, diving into the new leadership style of younger managers and the use of AI and digital assistants. I also pointed out how important it is to create a proper brand in the digital age as we face more and more disruption in our field. It is time that management assistants shape their own profile and portfolio and become vocal about it. Storytelling is your key to success. Know your value, work on your elevator pitch and be a creator rather than a reactor. Use the power of your network and be visible on social media. 

It is all in our hands. We have the tools to make this change happen in a way that it benefits us. Find your WHY and know your value proposition and then you will pave your future road. I strongly believe that we are the drivers of change in our industry. If not us, who else? 

A huge thank you to Karin Helene for bringing me to Sweden and for making this trip so easy. Also, a big thank you to Sofie Koark, Maria Cirillo and Else-Britt Lundgren for the warm welcome in Sweden. I enjoyed the short visit very much, connected with old friends and met new faces. 

Hope to see many of you in Geneva end of the year. 

Until then, TACK and best from Diana 

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