45 years of international events to keep pace with the future #IMAturns45

Published: 2019-05-14

IMA has offered international conferences and trainings to the management support professionals since its founding in 1974. The original idea for the association was to form a platform for networking across borders for secretaries - as we were called at the time - under the name of EAPS – European Association for Professional Secretaries, and to arrange international events. Today, as IMA - International Management Assistants, we are still the association for management support professionals who want to exchange experience and expertise with colleagues around the world.  
All IMA International Events during 1974-2019  
IMA takes the next step based on last year’s international theme for training and development “The Digital Age” to 2019'sThe Future is Now”. We have been talking about 2020 for a while, actually since about 2000.  2020 is approaching fast, just a few more months, and we have to be ready to embrace the Future which has become Now. How can we ensure that we get the needed upgrade of our competences to suit the business environment and our executives? We have to enhance our soft skills: emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, adaptability, innovativeness, resilience, creativity and finally and perhaps most important: our personality. Because in the end, a job is a job. However, you is you. We management support professionals will always do our job from our heart, in a human way.
First out was the international training day on April 6, 2019 in Athens, Greece with the current topic “At the Heart of Leadership - Put your Emotional Intelligence into Action” and our internationally experienced master trainer, Marina Giareni, creator of Learning4Life Training, Consulting & Coaching, gave us new insights and knowledge into this important area, which will be needed for the new work environment. We were with around 130 participants of management support professionals from 20 different countries. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. The training was very interactive and gave us the opportunity to better understand how our emotions are working. We, the management support professionals, always have been good at this skill, emotional intelligence, but have more or less taken it for granted. Now is the time to highlight it and show how we contribute to the business!
Next on tour is IMA 45th International Conference with the topic “The Future is Now: How to be a challenger in your role”. The conference takes place on October 18, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. The program consists of excellent speakers:
Innovation that sticks  
By Lars Sudmann  
Anatomy of a Future Leader – How to stay relevant in the future  
By Ishtar Touailat  
Detour: Winning When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan  
By Courtney Clark  
Digitalis: how to reinvent yourself in digital age  
By Thierry Geerts   
The Game Changing Assistant  
By Andrea Macarie   
Don’t miss this opportunity and the early bird fee! IMA 45th Conference
The IMA vision and mission
Be the leading international network of management support professionals
by providing high quality development training 
by promoting knowledge sharing 
by encouraging interaction among the members 
by monitoring the development of our profession 
by speaking up for the profession
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