Building Strategic Skills to Pursue Excellence - An Abstract from IMA Norway Fall Conference October 29th 2018

Published: 2019-03-21

Monday, October 29th at 8 o`clock a.m. one hour to the kick off a full day seminar at the venue "Gamle Museet". Witch used to be a former art museum now turned into a meeting or party venue. The venue is buzzing with all the participants and exhibitors.

For the first time, our conference has 3 international speakers and 4 Norwegian speakers.

At 9 o`clock our National Chairman Connie Moltubakk and host Rudy Claes welcome everyone to the conference.

Yvonne Fosser, Director of HR, Culture & Development at Innovation Norway, is the first speaker. She speaks about "The Secret of Self-Motivation". Yvonne shares her very personal story with the participants.

After a coffee break and mingling with the exhibitors, the next speaker of the day is Matthew Want, Personal Assistant to Lucy Brazier.  He speaks about "Maximising your Talent". For Matthew, this is his first public speaking engagement, and we are so happy that he shared his story about how he came to be where he is today and how it is to work for Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing, Publishers of the Executive Secretary Magazine.

Eth Lloyd, Keynote speaker and Chairman of World Administrators Summit, Speaks about "Invest in Yourself" and all participants partake in a workshop on how to take responsibility for seeking your own professional development and developing your own career pathway.

We all took a 1-hour lunch, with time to visit the exhibitors and mingle.

Our 4th speaker is Per Henrik Stenstrøm, he has been a journalist, presenter and editor for TV and radio. He lifts the roof when he speaks about "How to deal with primadonnas and difficult colleagues". This session is in Norwegian. A topic we all can relate to. Who doesn`t have or know of these primadonnas in our workplace? We also learnt more about the stereotypes of the primadonnas, the pragmatists, the extrovert performance-tripper, the introvert performance-tripper and the wages receiver.

Ann-Helen Hopland, International Coordinator The Finance Sector Union-Norway, shows and speaks about the world-renowned video "Gender pay gap". Norway is one of the most gender equal countries in the world, but when it comes to having women as top leaders and equal pay for equal work, Norway still has a long way to go.

Diana Brandl, a keynote speaker and writer of The Socialista Projects, speaks about "The Art of Networking". Don`t be just the most connected assistant - be the best-connected assistant. She talks about who to become visible and develop strong strategic networks inside and outside our workplace.

After a coffee break, the conference last speaker Monica Csango, manager in public relations at Burson Marsteller. She speaks about "How to be resilient", she shares her personal story about how she finds out how resilient she is — a moving story for all who participates at the conference.

The conference is nearly over. Our exhibitors have generously donated prizes for our raffle. Finally, our National Chairman and host took the stage to thank everyone for participating at the conference.

(Pictures by Diana Brandl)

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