IMA Denmark & IMA South Sweden Cross-border Meeting and Celebration

Published: 2019-02-07

1ST February IMA Denmark and IMA South Sweden met up at Best Western Malmö Arena, Sweden for networking and celebrating IMA’s 2-year name anniversary.

The scene was set at Best Western Malmö Arena with IMA-coloured balloons and a wide assortment of both healthy and sweet delights.
The subject of the evening was Emotional Intelligence, which is a short cut to a good life according to Mia de Neergaard from Human Potential who was the speaker at the meeting. We learned that the four most important elements of EQ are self-awareness, self-leadership, social awareness (empathy) and the ability to cultivate relationships. And if you are strong on self-awareness and self-leadership, dealing with empathy and relationships will be easier for you. Mia says that our emotions are the gasoline that light the fire in us and urge us to act, thus it is very important to be self-aware and able to follow your gut feeling.

At the end of the meeting, Mia took us through 5 minutes of laughter yoga :_D.  A real energy-boost before the real celebration of IMA’s 2-year name anniversary could begin with a lovely dinner and a throw-back in time with pictures from the launch of IMA 1st February 2017.









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