Meet the plenary session’s facilitators of the World Administrator’s Summit on October 24-25 in Frankfurt

by Else-Britt Lundgren

This summit is right in time to discuss different important topics for our profession.

There will be a facilitated plenary session discussing the recommendations from the three research projects and from the new topics gathered from the Advisory…  Read more


Interview with Tijen Onaran

by Diana Brandl

See the interview of Tijen Onaran, One of our Annual Conference Speakers Read more


IMA shares the Tips for Assistants #IamRemakable interview with Maria Luiza Pruna a member of IMA Belgium

by Christina Holzhauser

Maria Luiza Pruna, who is an Executive Assistant at Tetra Pak International is interviewed by Tips for Assistants. She will be sharing not only her background, but an amazing way for women to help discover their own power and voice through an inspirational…  Read more


Three questions for Ursula Wartha about the Conference 2018

by Diana Brandl

We are all already excited joining the conference in Frankfurt end of October. You are heading the Project Team. Tell us more about the current status and the team. 

Well, we are on track. The registration is open since beginning…  Read more


Report from IAAP Austin

by Diana Brandl - A review by IMA Germany member.

My first IAAP Summit

I always wanted to be one step faster in order to learn and develop myself. This was the case when I joined the first LIVE conference of Lucy Brazier many years ago and I remember the funny questions I got asked why I…  Read more


Three questions for Sofie Koark, IMA Sweden

by Diana Brandl

Sofie will be one of our internal panel member at the conference in Frankfurt. We talked to her about digitalization and her view on it.

Sofie, what does digitization mean to you personally?

I think of it as things getting smarter,…  Read more


Just saving the boss – it’s sometimes easier said than done

by Katharina Münk
Just to say it right away: I am not an IMA member. I am an author of books and screenplays and a management coach – and a former executive assistant. On the occasion of their national training day at the end of May this year, the German IMA section…  Read more

“Leading from below” – a report from IMA Germany Spring Training

by Carola Wetzer-Eder - Translation Angela Parker

On May 26, 2018 this year’s IMA Germany Spring Training took place in Hamburg. Almost 30 attended the workshop “Leading from below” held by IMA-member and former IMA Executive Chairman Karen Nanninga.

The interactive day…  Read more