Three questions for Else-Britt Lundgren, IMA Executive Chairman about the Annual Conference 2018 and digitization

by Diana Brandl

Else-Britt, it seems that the conference in Frankfurt is still far away but IMA has been working very hard on this project already. How important is the conference for IMA globally?

The international events are very important for IMA as a…  Read more


Greetings from our speaker Andrea Martin. She gives first insights what to expect in her presentation in Frankfurt. Tune in!

You will learn from Andrea how companies and individuals can benefit from new technologies and big data analytics. IBM's Watson portfolio is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence solutions in the world.

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IMA Testimonial - A proud IMA member

by Corinne Bigot

Corinne Bigot shares her career experiences from being an entrepreneur in e-Commerce to become a PA and what she benefited of being a member of IMA. 

My name is Corinne BIGOT and I am a member of IMA since 2011. I studied Languages and…  Read more


Three questions for Sven Meise, Chief Digital Officer of Francotyp-Postalia Holding

Mr. Meise, Francotyp-Postalia will join the IMA conference as a Bronze Sponsor this year. Tell us more about the FP business.

Three questions for Sven Meise, Chief Digital Officer of Francotyp-Postalia Holding

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ProActive n° 57 is out!

The Digital Age: Be a change maker, not a change taker
The future of work: Skills for 2020
IMA hosts the WASummit

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Digital Assistants: Join the Revolution!

by Bo Dahlbom - Professor of Information Technology, University of Gothenburg

In the late 1930s there was, especially in the US, a growing number of, mainly female, employees hired to do calculations. This was a time when typewriting was an important task in offices and typists were often organized in typing pools. Similarly,…  Read more


Reskill, upskill, go!

by Andrea Macarie

The future is our hands explains Andrea Macarie (IMA member). Read the full article here.


World Administrators Summit 2018: one profession, one voice

by working@office

Eth Lloyd is respected ambassador of the administrative profession and currently Chairman of the World Administrators Summit (WASummit) Advisory Council. In 2018 the WASummit takes place on October 24/25 in Frankfurt, Germany. w@o recently…  Read more