What Happened at the 10th WASummit

Published: 2018-11-12

I am so proud that we, IMA, were able to host the 10th World Administrators’ Summit on October 24-25, 2018 in Frankfurt just before the IMA Conference and AGM. To see management support professionals gathered from different parts of the world to discuss the future of our profession, was amazing. This could only happen thanks to Eth Lloyd, Chairman of World Administrators’ Summit who has shown an on-going persistency to organize the WASummit. Below you have a personal statement by Eth Lloyd and the report which was shared during IMA AGM on October 27. You also find reflections from some of the delegates. 


Personal statement by Eth Lloyd, Chairman of World Administrators’ Summit:

This report is an initial "What Happened at the 10th WASummit" update and was first presented at the IMA AGM on 27th Oct 2018 in  Frankfurt. As Chairman of the World Administrators Summit Advisory Council, I am truly delighted and excited at the outcomes from the Delegate discussions in Frankfurt for the WASummit. We had the largest number of Delegates (41) and the largest number of countries (22) ever by at least double.

All Delegates had worked very hard to ensure they were well prepared and this showed in the depth of the discussions and the outcomes reached. Initial outcomes will be shared over the following months with all Delegates, Associations and through social media and our website. 

Several task groups have been established who will be starting to undertake further work and research on some of the topics discussed with the aim of delivering some tools and information in the near future. This will take time as this work is all undertaken by volunteers alongside their own paid work and their social and family commitments.

A huge vote of thanks was deserved and given to those on the Advisory Council over the past three years, their work has laid a foundation of information for the next steps to be taken. 

As Chairman of the Advisory Council I really look forward to bringing updates to you all frequently over the next few months to ensure we maintain momentum and provide the outcomes achieved at the 10th WASummit to all of the administrative/office professional community internationally.


181027 WASummit Report to IMA AGM

Voices from some of the delegates who representing their country at the WASummit:

The significance of WAS stated by the name itself; participants from all over the world united in the common purpose of the continuous evolution of administrative professionals In my luggage back I took hope, knowledge, passion and pride, having worked with so many exceptional minds, hearing brilliant ideas and moving so much outside my box.”
Eleni Rizikianou, Greece

The WASummit is an arena where associations and administrative professionals representing different countries discuss some of the issues the profession is facing. It encourages a collaborative atmosphere and commitment to finding the right tools and actions to shape a sustainable administrative profession and craft sustainable careers.
Julia Schmidt, Norway

The WAS was important, because the world is becoming more global and we must unite to speak with one voice to represent our profession to the best of our ability. My most important take-away is that when we work together, great things happen. I am looking forward to working with the wonderful people I met.
Angela Parker, Germany

Very focussed and great teamwork on trend topics. Concrete output to follow up. Professionals in attendance (with no exceptions) well above the average thinker, great potential to be talking the same language. Sometimes, overlapping and need to integrate already existing work on the same topic by other institutions. Much will depend on how it evolves, but definitely a plus to be part of it.
Silvia Salomon, Italy

"The WASummit is of high importance due to the global outreach that it represents. Bringing together leading individuals developing and shaping our profession for the future. It was very inspiring to work with professionals from all over the globe with the same aim to excel within our profession but all working under very different conditions".
Karin Hélène, Sweden

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