Three questions for Ursula Wartha about the Conference 2018

Published: 2018-08-23

We are all already excited joining the conference in Frankfurt end of October. You are heading the Project Team. Tell us more about the current status and the team. 

Well, we are on track. The registration is open since beginning of March and we have already nearly 100 registrations for the Conference day. We have established a very good programme with renowned speakers around the topic and a nice social programme as well. We now concentrate on getting more sponsors and on the finetuning and the preparations for the event itself. Still a lot of work to do, but we are on time and strictly manage against our project plan.

„We“ means the project team which consists of approximately 10 members of IMA Germany. They are all committed to make this Annual Conference a special one. We are supported by In-Act Marketing & Organization, the Professional Conference Organizer. They manage the registrations, the payments and related financial matters and are the point of contact for the hotel, restaurants and participants. As we are not sitting in the same city and even country, a good communication and synchronization is key.

You are also involved in the World Administrators Summit. What is your role and how do you build the bridge between those two important

My official role is Co-Convenor and my task is to organize the event here in Germany: accommodation for the participants, meeting rooms and social programme. As the Summit runs in parallel in the same location and ends with the official opening of the Annual Conference, for me it is more or less one event. Of course, we keep them financially separated, but for the organization I regard it as one event with different parts. In this way, building the bridge is easy.

What means digitization to you personally? How digital is Ursula? What is your favourite tool or app?

Digitization has fully arrived in my life – personally and professionally. I cannot imagine my life without my smartphone, tablet or notebook anymore. With them I can manage my work for my company, IMA work and my private tasks anytime anywhere. I need my email accounts, quite some apps and the internet to get my things done. To communicate with my colleagues both at work and at IMA or my friends, I use WhatsApp (also for calls), Cisco Webex or Spark, Skype, FaceTime or my BTMeetMe Conference Call app. I even do my business calls through a soft client application from my notebook. However, sometimes I prefer to read a proper book and I love to do the shopping in person.

And last but not least, personal contact with my family and friends and my colleagues is avery important to me. A nice evening out with my friends with good conversations and a lot of laughter is not replaceable by any app.

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