Three questions for Sofie Koark, IMA Sweden

Published: 2018-08-22

Sofie will be one of our internal panel member at the conference in Frankfurt. We talked to her about digitalization and her view on it.

Sofie, what does digitization mean to you personally?

I think of it as things getting smarter, a paramount change affecting the way we behave, connect and communicate. There are positive and negative aspects to everything, depending on how you use it, and we are all still children navigating in this new world. I choose to see all the positive things and how it will improve my life and make things easier. Looking back on the last years and how internet, smartphones and social media impacted our lives, I think it is an amazing time to be alive and witness. The #metoo movement would not have happened without the force of social media, connecting women to each other, and giving voice to voices that had no outlet for bringing forth their experiences. I will try to use technology for positive change and with integrity.

Have you ever thought of the fact that a robot or a digital assistant like Amazon's Alexa could replace your current job?

No, I don’t think digital assistant could replace my job, but they can replace some of my tasks, helping me become more efficient and give me more opportunities to focus more on complex problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and leadership. Which I enjoy. I look forward to having a team of digital assistants & the internet of things at my disposal. I am looking forward to developing my role to the next level, making sure it stays current and of high value to the company, and focusing more on the human side.

How digital are you? What is your favorite app or tool?

I don’t use pen and paper anymore in my job. I am not storing anything on paper basically. I have everything in the cloud available to me at any time by Iphone/Computer/Ipad. We also use digital signing at work (Scrive) for everything my CEO needs to sign. I use Lyyti for events. I personally use a digital mail box (Kivra) for mail from companies and governmental agencies, so I don’t get a lot of post at home these days, which is also environmentally friendly. I have all my photos in Dropbox. I have digital subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. I shop online a lot also haha. So pretty digital I would say. I am very curious about the digital change and I try to keep up with what’s going on. Two of my favorite apps are developed by the Swedish banks: Mobile BankID, a personal electronic id which you use to log in and sign for companies, banks, agencies etc and Swish, easy money transfer between persons and for payments. It is so easy to use and it saves time. 


Sofie Koark
Sofie Koark has 12 years’ experience as Executive Assistant supporting Entrepreneurs/CEO:s. Since 2012 she is Executive Assistant to the Founder/CEO & Group management of Academic Work Sofie has a Master’s degree in Art History and a Bachelor’s degree in Museum Studies/Cultural heritage. She is IMA Training Officer in Sweden and will represent Sweden at the World Administrators’ Summit 2018 in Frankfurt.

What do you think of the management assistant in the digital age?

I think that there has never been a more exciting time to be a management assistant! Digitizing and new technology will give us excellent opportunities to develop our role into a more valuable position. More into leadership, communication, collaboration and projects. Being curious, having a growth mindset and committing to life-long learning is essential to be on top of this development. To support management in a more digital world, it’s crucial to have an understanding of how digital solutions are evolving, and how to use them. The combination of digital skills, using digital tools, and soft skills will be a winning combo for our profession.

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