“Leading from below” – a report from IMA Germany Spring Training

Published: 2018-08-17

On May 26, 2018 this year’s IMA Germany Spring Training took place in Hamburg. Almost 30 attended the workshop “Leading from below” held by IMA-member and former IMA Executive Chairman Karen Nanninga.

The interactive day kicked off with a group exercise during which the participants reflected on the tasks they deal with on a daily basis and which skills they need to do so. This resulted in spirited discussions, because there are so many challenges. After the presentation of the results there was a delicious lunch buffet during which contacts were intensified and new networks were established.
To kick off the second part, the participants moved to lively music so the food coma did not stand a chance. Afterwards, the focus was on “communication” – of course with the help of exercises in small groups. Every exercise offered many impulses that everybody will be able to apply to the daily work and private communication. 
Additionally, Karen Nanninga provided theroretical background knowledge. The main advices the participants learned from her are: 
1) to fly over the situation and to check what’s going on
2) to ask powerful questions
3) to allow yourself to tell the other one “okay, that’s your problem, you have to keep it”
At the end of an engaging day everybody took some food for thought and new insights with them.
The evening ended with a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. IMA Executive Chairman Else-Britt Lundgren had travelled to Hamburg to attend the dinner and was warmly welcomed. Between the courses Petra Balzer read from her new book “Just saving the Boss”, where she describes tales from the office which all participants had experienced one way or another and which resulted in lots of laughter. Two lucky winners walked away with signed copies of the book.

Read the interview with Petra Balzer in the next IMA News by Katharina Münk – “Just saving the boss – it’s sometimes easier said than done”

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