Three questions for Else-Britt Lundgren, IMA Executive Chairman about the Annual Conference 2018 and digitization

Published: 2018-08-17

Else-Britt, it seems that the conference in Frankfurt is still far away but IMA has been working very hard on this project already. How important is the conference for IMA globally?

The international events are very important for IMA as a global network, offering our members a program as the current one in Frankfurt, and also offering the opportunity to meet and network across countries. It is a great experience to attend our events with around 250 participants from more than 20 countries! This year’s theme "The Digital Age" is very timely. Members have been asking to address this item more thoroughly. Everyone will be affected more or less by the digitalisation and so will our profession. This is why it is so important to have a conference on this specific topic. I am very happy to see that we have a great program with high quality speakers from the industry.

Tell us about the wonderful occasion that not only IMA will be in Frankfurt in October, but also WASummit. How vital is the link between these two events?

We know that the working environment is changing fast and our profession with it. It is a great pleasure for IMA to be the host of the WASummit 2018 in Europe because the summit will discuss many questions for our profession, with representatives from all over the world, probably giving us good insights. I am very excited on the outcome from the different items of discussions and what will be seen as trending.

What means digitization to you personally? How digital is Else-Britt? What is your favourite tool or app?
I am very interested in the digitisation. I read a lot about it and love to discuss how it will impact firstly our work life now and in the future, and of course how it will impact our private life too. I am very open to the new – digitised - way of working. I am sure it will help us to be more efficient so that we can focus on for example project management instead of the daily routine jobs and to collaborate with colleagues to get the best outcome together. This goes also in my work to facilitate for my executive and management team. I am active on different social media channels to keep me up to date and to connect with people. You cannot figure it out all by yourself. My favourite app right now is LinkedIn as it gives you many ways of using the app for business connections, articles, learnings and job offers. I must also mention Google Translate which makes my life at work much easier than it was in past with the heavy paper Dictionary on my desk.

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