Three questions for Sven Meise, Chief Digital Officer of Francotyp-Postalia Holding

Published: 2018-07-13

Mr. Meise, Francotyp-Postalia will join the IMA conference as a Bronze Sponsor this year. Tell us more about the FP business.

Three questions for Sven Meise, Chief Digital Officer of Francotyp-Postalia Holding

Mr. Meise, Francotyp-Postalia will join the IMA conference as a Bronze Sponsor this year. Tell us more about the FP business.

FP is an international, listed company headquartered in Berlin. We are experts in secure mail business and secure digital communication processes. We offer innovative products and services for efficient mail processing, both in the analog and the digital world, and aim at easing our customers’ lifes, saving them time and bringing more joy to their daily business.

Based on our 95 years of experience as a technology company we build franking systems that are benchmarks in terms of technology, performance and usability. This technology-focused tradition and knowhow is the fertile soil that our digitization grows from. We built bridges for our customers – bridges to secure, digital communication processes. This includes – among others – hybrid mail offers, IoT applications and digital signature solutions.

As Chief Digital Officer you are in charge of the digital agenda of FP. In this context, you recently introduced the online signature tool FP Sign. What are the product features and why is it relevant for Management Assistants?

FP-Sign is a convenient solution for digital transaction management and for signing documents in a legally compliant and digital way. Instead of printing contracts, sending them to the contract partner and waiting weeks for them to be returned, you simply upload the contract document in FP Sign. There you can easily and quickly send a signature request to all contract partners, even if they are not registered FP Sign customers. All this is just as legally binding as signatures on paper.

Furthermore, FP Sign allows the intuitive and digital signing of internal approvals of e.g. order forms, vacation requests or decision documents. With FP-Sign the required colleagues do not to be physically present but can sign documents in their home office or even on business trips; they simply use FP Sign on their mobile devices. This way, contract and approval processes are brought down from days to minutes. All this in a very transparent and trackable way making obvious who signed what when and in which way. I am convinced that FP Sign eases the life of executive assistants, secretaries and office managers significantly.

FP Sign can be used as a stand-alone cloud service or be integrated in the individual systems used by customers. It allows for different signature levels and identification procedures. FP Sign is used by industrial customers just as well as by renowned partners such as the Bundesdruckerei. Even software providers integrate FP Sign as a feature in their systems.

You can test FP Sign at the tradeshow in Frankfurt and figure out how easy it is to run a transaction in a digital workflow – quick, legally compliant und highly secure. At you find more information. Feel free to get in touch and let us discuss the digital reproduction of your individual processes.

How digital is Sven Meise? What is your favorite digital tool or app?

My favorite digital tools are WhatsApp and FP Sign. WhatsApp is probably not the most surprising answer but it allows me to stay in touch with my family, no matter where I am. FP Sign because I can sign and approve all kinds of documents and keep decision processes running – just as well no matter where I am. I do always have my signature folder with me, and that is well appreciated by my assistant.

How digital am I? Well, although my assistant says, for being a CDO I am still pretty paper-addicted, I would say I am actually rather digital. Here is why: I am responsible for the digital agenda of the company and that makes me “think digital” about all processes and business opportunities I encounter. Furthermore, I need one laptop, one tablet and two phones to come along in everyday life, and the FP-developed coffee cup holder (shown in the picture) in my office is a connected IoT device detecting when I run low on caffeine. I think that might give you an impression on how digital I am while still having great appreciation for the rare offline moments in today’s life.



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