Assistants - our future is IMA - International Management Assistants

Published: 2017-01-28

We are launching IMA - International Management Assistants on Wednesday, 1 February 2017.

  • In Norway we will celebrate at Vinkjeller på Grand Café, Karl Johans gate 31, Oslo.
  • If you are a potential member and want to join us, please contact Julia Schmidt via LinkedIn.

EUMA - European Management Assistants becomes IMA - International Management Assistants

EUMA - European Management Assistants Association is embracing change and conquering the world. Consequently, we are becoming IMA - International Management Assistants.

EUMA was established in 1974 and has become, over the years, an international network of top management support professionals.

To challenge yourself to grow and learn, you have to take the initiative to try new things, be curious, ask questions and meet like-minded peers. That's why EUMA is the network arena you need to expand your knowledge. When we share our experiences and listen to peers, we are creating connections.

Networking is active learning.

In learning to become an exemplary assistant, you need to get connected. You need those connections to be strong.

EUMA focuses on your professional development. EUMA hosts international conferences and training days.

EUMA creates new business opportunities for its members. We have many corporate members supporting our work. EUMA is represented in 25 countries by over 1400 members. You can find us near you.

Our mission is to be the leading international network of management support professionals. We want you to make a difference.

Our best asset is our members.


EUMA Norway has over 80 members.

Research shows that elite performers - individuals who had won international competitions or awards - have never achieved the top in any endeavor on their own. It means that you need to be able to count on others to help you become the best you can be. EUMA is the place where you can get social support that enhances learning and productivity.

EUMA promotes meetings for sharing and learning. EUMA Norway organizes six member meetings per year. EUMA helps you grow and excel.

EUMA is here for you and all personal assistants, executive assistants, office managers, project coordinators, administrative consultants and many other administrative professionals.

EUMA wants you to have the right skills because self-development is key for success.

Our future is IMA - International Management Assistants.

EUMA becomes IMA

Join EUMA Norway today!


About Julia: Julia Schmidt is Executive Assistant and National Chairman at EUMA Norway. Julia is an enthusiastic EUMA-member. She wants to bring EUMA – European Management Assistants Association to YOU and create sharing & learning platforms.

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