Message from the Founder

Published: 2017-02-01

In 1974 the European Association of Professional Secretaries (EAPS) was established in an explosion of European sentiment just after Britain joined the European Union.  At that time, forty-three years ago, the role of the perfect secretary was well- known; our name correctly reflected the band of elite secretaries whose task was to create public awareness of the importance of the role despite adverse press comments about this profession. But over the years the secretarial role radically changed.  By 1996 EAPS had to change its name to be in accord with the times and thus became European Management Assistants.

In the last twenty years the business landscape has continuously evolved and we must evolve with it. Those unable to adapt to changing conditions do not survive. Our members have never hesitated to accept challenges to their way of working and to-day are happy to think more in international rather than in European terms. We are thus changing our name to IMA - International Management Assistants and welcome as members qualified management assistants wherever they live or work in the world. We are sure this opening of our doors to an ever wider audience will be of benefit both to them and to us. 

February 2017

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