This is me - Katia Vermeire

We would like to share this very special story with you: Katia Vermeire, a member of IMA Luxembourg, is faced with battling a very agressive cancer. The Executive Committee has decided to let her share her story, as it is an example of true courage…  Read more


Preparing your personalized gift box

by Julia Schmidt

Finishing the year with a positive mindset is something you should always try to do. Focusing on the good lessons of 2020 will give you an excellent way to begin a new year of hope. Don’t focus on setting new goals or resolutions now. Instead,…  Read more


Yes - we will survive

by Menekse Ahbab

Some experiences are indeed unforgettable! Like the panel I was a part of last week, taking place in the last session of the online IMA Conference "How to stay relevant for business?"

Under the terrific moderation of Chantal Sneijkers,…  Read more


In memoriam; Sonia Vanular, our Founder

It is with our deepest regret we have to inform you that our founder, Mrs Sonia Vanular, passed away last night at the age of 98.    
Sonia was not in a very good condition since a year and a half and even more recently, her health…  Read more


In the Spotlight ….Haleh Ashraf

by Sandefjords Blad -

Haleh (36) has created her own dream job – and she has made a living of it since day one

In 2014 Haleh Ashraf lost her job in the pharmaceutical industry due to downsizing. Eventually it became the start of a brand new career.

Now…  Read more


Helen Monument

by Executive Secretary Magazine

Helen Monument is the incoming Interim Chair of the World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) and the owner of Monumental Assistance, a coaching and training business

Can we start with…  Read more


IMA's Milestone Moments – the first virtual Full Council meeting

by Frieda Catteeuw - Content Editor

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit us in March, most of our members are working from home and already have months of experience with online meetings.

The first virtual Full Council meeting ever of our association took place on a sunny Saturday…  Read more


FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – Healing words in a crisis – when you don’t feel good or depressed

by Claudia Ruppert-Sand, IMA Germany

Allow me to share a method with you, that I have developed for my female customers who are in a difficult mental state, and which helps very quickly: The woman in the mirror. I don't know if it works equally for men, I haven't tried it with…  Read more