Michela Luoni

Michela is Virtual Office Manager, who founded her own brand company in 2017 and started the challenging process of being a solopreneur after having spent the whole life as an employee.She has been a Manager Assistant for over ten years after having worked almost as many as handling agent at Malpensa Airport; she changed several positions while looking for a profession in which soft skills, language skills and passion for new technologies were fully used.

“My career path, viewed from outside, has been quite unusual; nevertheless, I had the opportunity to learn from each experience where I gave my vision, best practices, innovation, or sometimes merely replacing the concept of "we've always done this way". However, the unique mix of experience has led to what I am now, which is a true calling. Indeed, at present, she’s investing a part of her business in creating courses in her hometown with the aim to help women who had a pause in their career, to get on track again. “Teaming up with a psychologist and a finance coach, we enable women to exploit the digitalisation tools to be still at their best.”

She also collaborates creating tailored-made workshops for a web agency, to help clients to approach their corporate digital communication through a strategy that starts before building a website and using social media channels.

She firmly believes that networking is crucial for every MA and professional, whichever will be the path your career will take. “Being part of two professional networks helped me a lot in the transition from EA to entrepreneur. I have been a member of IMA since 2014 and a Board Member of the National Committee as PR Officer.

At present, I am in the board of Rete al Femminile Varese, the local office of the national "Italian Professional Women Association”.

Michela took the ACEA certification, is fluent in English and Spanish, writes and talks about topics she has practical experience in, such as organisation workflows, app and new trends, the transition from EA to another career, brand identity & brand reputation, communication in the digital era.

For speaking opportunities or webinars, please send me an email to training@dailyfacilitator.it. I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience in the above mention topics for IMA members, in person or through the video conferencing.