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International Management Assistants


Words from our Executive Chairman

Dear IMA Member,

The International Training Day “The Digital Age: Your Online Brand Matters – Be Strategic” at the Porta Fira Hotel in Barcelona on 28 April was a success. We were with almost 150 participants from 18 different countries. We were given great advice by Gabriella Picca on how to make our LinkedIn profile much more relevant and professional, to receive more views for example, and Adam Fidler encouraged all to take the step to give more strategic support to our management. A big thank you to the hosting country IMA Spain for all their efforts and good spirit!

At the Full Council meeting on 27 April in Barcelona, where all National Chairmen, National Treasurers, National PR Officers and the Executive Committee met, we had three important items to discuss:

  • GDPR and IMA. After the council meeting in The Hague last year, we were - through our member Julia Schmidt, till very recent National Chairman of IMA Norway - offered support by Patrick Tahiri from Basefarm, to get IMA GDPR compliant. Patrick gave a very good overview on GDPR and IMA and our EC members, Marina Ruiter, Association Secretary and Vaida Rapello, Executive Treasurer, gave an update of where IMA is and what actions need to be taken.  Read more below what GDPR means for IMA and for our members.

  • Action Plan to our Strategy. We had a workshop to share ideas and initiatives between countries. This was really appreciated and lots of positive output will be taken home to implement. This is important for ensuring that we meet the future and new requirements with the digitalization, which becomes more and more prominent in our lives and work environment.

  • Renewed agreement with Lyyti. This is an online tool we use for both international and, in many countries, national events. This tool makes it easy for us to handle the registration administration. We were happy to have one of Lyyti's representatives, Antii Vaahtoranta, on site for a detailed explanation of the various possibilities of the tool. According to the agreement IMA can use the tool for free.

In this newsletter you can read about the report The Secret Power in the Office - the first international survey on the Executive Assistant's role in integrity and business ethics by Dilemma-Assist and about our partners Lyyti and All Things Admin both offering a discount to IMA members.

Last week we received the sad news that our member of IMA Germany, Marléne Fulgénce Merget, passed away on 5 May. Marléne was a very active member and attended several of our international events, the last one being the International Training Day in Barcelona. We will all miss Marléne and we send our love and thoughts to her family.

Kind regards,

Else-Britt Lundgren

Executive Chairman

On behalf of the Executive Committee


Today the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. We are happy to tell you that IMA, being an association registered within the EU and processing personal data of EU citizens and residents, takes the privacy of its members very much to heart. As you can read in our Mission & Vision statement, one of the main aims of IMA is to stimulate and facilitate networking - IMA offers you access to a worldwide network of colleague Management Support Professionals. Your membership of our association gives you the possibility to connect to other members through our online database, and, vice versa, gives other members the possibility to reach out to you. To safeguard your personal data in line with GDPR we put procedures into place, described in our Privacy Policy Notice, and adjusted our Code of Conduct. The database is accessible to members only. Each member receives login details after having paid the membership fee, and can adjust her/his data her/himself.

Our database

  • The database is at the heart of our Association. It is a platform for connecting with other members and is used for administrative purposes.

  • The legal basis to process your personal data is the membership agreement.

  • All communication to our members, such as this Newsletter or the Invitation to the AGM, is based on the information in our database.

  • As an IMA member your personal data are automatically included in our database. We suggest that you check your personal data regularly and correct it whenever there is a change in email address, billing information, etc.

  • Only the contact details given under "Personal details" are visible to other members. All other data is confidential and used for administrative purposes only.

  • If you do not wish your data to be stored in our database, you can request it to be deleted. Your membership will then end automatically.

  • If you do not have your login details, contact your National Treasurer.

  • All National Committee members (for their respective countries only) and Executive Committee members have access to add, change or delete data from our database. However, only the National Treasurer is the person recommended to add, change or delete data in our database.

Please read our Privacy Policy Notice and Code of Conduct carefully. If you should have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact a member of your National Committee or the Association Secretary,



Conference in Frankfurt on 26 October 2018 - The Digital Age: The Future of the Executive Assistant - Technology, Leadership, You

We are excited about the program offering excellent speakers from the tech industry in Germany. The digital age is already changing our private and business life, but this is only a start. The conference will focus on how digitalization will affect our business environment and our profession in the years to come. The changes brought on by digitalization are coming fast and are much more sustainable than the internet itself.

Don’t miss the early bird fee – valid till 30 June! More information and registration here.

We also have very good offers to reach Frankfurt from our partners Brussels Airlines and Voyages SNCF.

We look forward to meeting you in Frankfurt!


AGM 2018

This year’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 27 October 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel. Members wishing to put subjects on the agenda are requested to send them to the Association Secretary, Marina Ruiter (, by 27 August 2018 at the latest.  

The agenda and meeting documents will be available in due course. 


Dilemma-Assist Report

The Dilemma-Assist report : the first international survey on the Executive Assistant's role in integrity and business ethics.

Last year in The Hague, Dilemma-Assist announced they were going to conduct a survey on the Executive Assistant's role in integrity and business ethics.  IMA agreed to support this.  We have sent out the survey to all IMA members for them to complete.

We are very pleased to have taken part in this survey and to see the results.  The report definitely identifies where we can support our members, to build on the confidence, for example.

Please take the time to read the report here.


Lyyti offers a 10% discount

Lyyti is an IMA Silver Partner. In our agreement with Lyyti, you as a member can get a 10% discount if you would like to use their tool for your company. It is a great tool which many of our members already use for their company events. Read about Mia Frost’s (member of IMA Sweden) day-to-day experience of using the Lyyti tool in proActive No 56 “Lyyti – an event management tool”.

IMA is an enthousiastic user of the Lyyti tool for all our international events.

If you are interested to try it out for your company please contact Antti:

Antti Vaahtoranta
Global Sales Manager
Phone: +358-445494605

All Things Admin and IMA

All Things Admin was founded in 2009 to guide, encourage and connect administrative professionals to the latest technologies, ideas, resources and people they need to advance their careers, maximize their skills, and rise to the challenges of the profession. Through its exclusive training opportunities All Things Admin arms administrative professionals with the knowledge they need to innovate their careers and become leaders within their organizations. 

All Things Admin is an IMA Bronze Partner. 

As part of the IMA Online Academy program, Julie Perrine, is offering tailor-made webinars for IMA members only.  The next one will take place in November.  You will be informed about the final date and the subject in due time. 

As IMA members, we can benefit from a discount of 10% (IMADISCOUNT) on the published rate of all the webinars.