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Leonidas Alexandrou

Meet our Trainer - Leonidas Alexandrou! 

Leonidas is the founder of the Leonidas Alexandrou mentoring and training brand. 

Entrepreneurship features strongly in Leonidas’ professional background, with several years of successful engagement within diverse projects and multiple industries and sectors.  

Other than establishing his personal training brand, Leonidas is also the founder of Young Future Leaders, a company offering teen self-development workshops, and the founder and Chief Operating Officer of First-Class Business, a consulting and business management firm. 

As part of his corporate consulting services, Leonidas offers expert advice and execution in the fields of entrepreneurship, training and development, restructuring and re-engineering, strategic planning and HR management. 

In terms of his range of professional skills, Leonidas’ clients benefit from his well-developed spoken and written communication, his strong aptitude in business presenting, his effective problem-solving and goal-setting capabilities for both individuals and teams, and his inherent ability to build and maintain strong client relationships, while offering training solutions in response to evolving employability and high-performance trends. 

Leonidas holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nicosia, a Master’s degree from Southampton University and Doctorate of Business Administration DBA from SDA Bocconi University. Further he holds a number of professional certificates from the Singularity University, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London Business School, Association for Coaching and Mentoring, Cyprus Institute of Certified Management Consultants and Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.