Karen Nanninga

Karen Nanninga, after a career as Executive Assistant at Management and Board level, has been a Trainer, Consultant and Speaker in the field of management support for over 25 years. She is also a Certified Business and Life Coach for Professionals. Karen runs seminars, workshops and courses for (training) companies in Germany and The Netherlands. She is also an accredited trainer for the European institutions in Brussels. She is an experienced Moderator of (international) conferences, panel discussions and company events. Her working languages are German, English (both fluent) and Dutch (mother tongue). Born in the Netherlands, she has lived with her family in Germany since 1991.

Karen is passionate about accompanying people on their personal development paths: when delivering training to a group or when coaching individuals. Her objective is always to develop and mobilize personal potential and inner wisdom, to encourage people to take steps, to empower them to set and reach goals, to inspire them to live the life they want. She strongly believes that each individual can make a difference in his/her own environment, no matter what position (s)he holds. Each person’s role goes beyond his/her job description, as we all bring unique personal competence, talents and interests to the workplace. Leadership is her motivation and message in all her professional areas and activities.

Karen was interviewed by Diana Brandl in 2021 for Diana's podcast series. 

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For more information, availability and fees contact Karen Nanninga at

Email: info@karen-nanninga.com
Website: www.karen-nanninga.com

Karen’s main subjects for training, seminars and workshops:

• To build the team manager/assistant
• To shape added value from the role and the position
• To understand organizations and to learn management tools
• Tools for setting and reaching goals
• Mental training for personal effectiveness
• (Intercultural) communication
• The international Assistant
• Coaching skills for the assistant
• Priority and time management
• Project management

Karen is a longstanding member of IMA (formerly EUMA), was Chairman of EUMA Netherlands and EUMA Executive Chairman (European Executive Committee).

Karen is also a Certified Medical Coach. Medical Coaching supports clients (patients and caregivers) to develop emotional and mental resilience in a (chronic) disease situation or illness-related crisis, and to cope with their challenges. Karen’s experience as a Trainer and Coach is combined in her voluntary program "Embrace Life!", that contains psycho-oncological support, medical/life coaching and a workshop series for women with and after breast cancer.